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Transactions 2020 - Part B 

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ISBN 978-624-5810-01-7



Session 01

FEM Based Modelling and Reliability Analysis of Lightning Protection in Anuradhapura Stupas with Installed Lightning Protection Systems

Oshadha Ranaweera, Thilok Edirisinghe, Dulaj Dhananjaya, (Prof.) M.A.R.M Fernando and (Dr.) Waranatha Abeygunasekara

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Automatic Sticker Counting Machine


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Genetic Algorithm based Phase Balancing Technique of Low Voltage Network for Distribution Loss Reduction


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Self-protective, fault sensing, and notification system for low voltage electricity distribution networks in Sri Lanka

Amal Jayashantha and Susinda Perera

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Distributed Control of Renewable Energy Plants together with Existing Generation and Loads - for Efficient and Effective Operations of Power Systems

Ravindran Nagaratnam, Rajan Ratnakumar, Shanmugarajah Vinothine, Sangar Santhanam, Yuvaraj Manchukan and (Prof.) Atputharajah Arulampalam

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Voltage Impact of Roof-top Solar Photo-voltaic Systems on Low Voltage Network and Measures of Mitigation

D.D.K.G. Sandasiri, G.A.I. Mihindukulasuriya, K.P.J.P. Premathilake, K.Ratneswaran, Ruwani P. Wijesinghe , U.G.J.K. Gamlath

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Multi-functional Inverter

Iromi Ranaweera, Damith De Silva, Kalitha Dissanayaka, Nimesha Fernando

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Optimizing unit capacities of future coal power plants in Sri Lanka

(Prof.) W.D.A.S. Wijayapala, A.P.A. Perera

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IoT Based Drip Irrigation Method for Tea Plantation

W.N.S.S. Rajakaruna, C. Vidushraj, N.M. Madanayake, R. Hirshan and (Dr.) S.H.K.K. Gunawickrama

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Design of a Low Cost Automated Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Soldering Machine

W.G.C.A. Sankalpa, P.G.H.T.V. Kumara, K.M.M.G.Y.P. Kumari and P.T.D. Samarasekara

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Smart coconut oil quality analyzer

M.P.U. Isuranga, K.A.S. Chathurya, H.C. Ganege, and D.R.B.K.K Weerasekara

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An Empirical Study of Dispute Resolution in Road Construction Industry in Sri Lanka

K.P.N.S Nimalasena, A. Peramunugamage and R. U. Halwatura

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Causes and Effects of Delays in High Rise Building Projects of Sri Lanka

K.D.C.I.S. Saparamadu & R.P. Kumanayake

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Critical Analysis of Condominium Apartments in the Context of Price Bubbles

A. A. Afthal and (Dr.) P. I. A. Gomes

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Minimising risk of exceeding cost and time in construction projects

(Dr.) Leelanath Daluwatte and (Prof.) Malik Ranasinghe

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Service Level Design of Elevator Operation in Multi-Storey Building           

Tharindu Sehan and (Prof.) Amal Kumarage

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Review of ICTAD Price Indices in Sri Lanka

(Prof.) A A D A J Perera and W N L Fernando

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Developing a guideline for Selection of subcontractors in Sri Lankan Building Construction Industry

K.D. Pallikkonda,  D.M.T.G.N.M. Karunarathna  and (Dr.) C.S.A. Siriwardana

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Impact of The Client’s Role On the Performance of Government Funded Construction Projects

V N Kannangoda Arachchi & (Dr.) Bhadranie Thoradeniya

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Prediction of Wind Induced Response of Tall Buildings Using RANS Simulations

R.G.S.N. Jayathilake and (Dr.) K.K. Wijesundara

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Crack Tip Plastic Behaviour of Wrought Iron

(Dr.) J. Jeyakkamalan, P. Kalaban, C.S. Bandara

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Analysis of shear and degradation behaviour of fresh and fouled rail track ballast using large-scale direct shear tests

Venuja and (Dr.) S. K. Navaratnarajah

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Experimental and Numerical Study on Force – Displacement & Moment – Curvature Behaviour of a Reinforced Concrete Beam

Jenothan, V. Yuvahini, (Dr.) C.S. Bandara and (Dr.) J.A.S.C. Jayasinghe

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Impact of Variation in Fineness Modulus of River Sand in Concrete Properties

V.L. Kuruwita Arachchi, (Dr.) M.A. Pallewatte & (Dr.) D.D.T.K. Kulathunga 

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Design and Construction Challenges of Retrofitting and Adaptive Reuse of Historic Buildings in Galle Fort, Sri Lanka

R.A.S.S. De Silva, (Dr.) S.W. Seneviratne,  (Dr.) J.M.R.S. Appuhamy

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Purification of Rutile in Sri Lankan Beach Sand for the Extraction of TiO2

D. C. Weerasinghe, S. P. Guluwita, (Dr.) L. P. S. Rohitha

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Characterization of used blasting sand

R.M.P.C.Rathnayake, S.P.Guluwita, (Dr.) L.P.S.Rohitha

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Non-Destructive Evaluation of the Corrosion Behaviour of Plain Carbon Steel to Enhance Their Service Life in Construction Work

G.A.A.I. Tennakoon, S.H.G.K. Metthananda, S.A.K.V.M. Piyathilake and V. Sivahar

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Analysis of the effect of fabric parameters on sound related properties of blended fabrics

S. Niroshan, J.W.A. Madushika, S.N. Niles

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Determination of Oil-point Pressure of Sesame Seeds using Oil Yield versus Applied Pressure Model

By: Rajaratnam Shanthini and Kirthi S. Walgama

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Impact of Viscous and Frictional Heat Generations upon the Temperature of Sesame Paste Flow through Screw-expeller      

By: Rajaratnam Shanthini, S. Ashok V. Kumar and S. M. Dilan T. Sandaruwan

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Session 02

Case Study of Streambank Stabilization in the Kelani River Basin at Hanwella, Low level Road in 28th km

Joseph Logeswaran

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Evaluation of the Impact of Geological Conditions on Rock Masses for the Stability of Rock Slopes

M.T.M. Gunathilaka, T.C.D. Fernando and (Dr.) A.M.R.G. Athapaththu

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Cut Slope Mitigation works at Ch 19+000  Extension of Southern Expressway Project

S.H.S. Jayakody, S.A.S. Kulathilaka, P.R.C. Ariyarathne, (Dr.) W.A. Karunawardena

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Deformation Behavior of Soil Cement Column Improved Ground

T.H.M.N Thenuwara and (Dr.) N.H Priyankara

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Correlations for over consolidation ratio for cohesive alluvial deposit at Kaduwela to Hanwella using laboratory tests and piezocone tests

S.H.S. Jayakody and R.M.S. Fernando

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Development of Local Rainfall Thresholds for Landslide Occurrence in Sri Lanka

H T Abeywickrama, (Dr.) N H Priyankara, W D G DT Rajapaksha

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Comparison of Different Philosophies on Design of Geosynthetic Reinforced Piled Embankment(GRPE)

H.D.S Mithila, (Dr.) N.H Priyankara and (Dr.) A.M.N Alagiyawanna

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Determination of Fundamental Characteristics of Unsaturated Residual Soils in Sri Lanka

B.P.S. Harishchandra, (Dr.) N.H. Priyankara

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Examination on Geotechnical Properties of Marine Dredge Sand of Colombo Port City

P.G.G.M. Ranbandara, R.U. Thilakarathne, (Dr.) A.M.R.G. Athapaththu, (Dr.) L.C. Kurukulasooriya, B.P. Gonaduwage

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Incorporation of Geology into Engineering Design for Mitigation of Landslides

I.K.G.A.S. Senanayake, A.R.P. Weerasinghe, G.D.W.N. Galhena, D.M.D.S. Dissanayake and H.M.L. Indrathilake

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Importance of Site Investigation, Geotechnical Engineering Design, Instrumentation, Quality Control and Assurance for Deep Excavation

D.L.W. Padmasiri, M.H.M. Harshani, P.R.C. Ariyarathna, (Dr.) W.A. Karunawardena & (Prof.) U.P. Nawagamuwa

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Do Chemical Reactions Matter in Modelling Near-Field Air Pollution Dispersion? A CFD Study

(Dr.) A. U. Weerasuriya, K. A. B. Weerasinghe, (Prof.) K. T. Tse, (Prof) Chun-Ho Liu

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Water quality and agricultural activities related to CKDu

(Prof.) S. Sadushan, T. Venkadeswaran, G.B.B. Herath

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Solid Waste and micro-plastic Pollution of Canals in Colombo and its suburbs

P. O. Hiranya¹, (Dr.) P. I. A. Gomes²

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Thermal alteration of water treatment plant alum sludge: a systematic study of Biyagama water treatment plant alum sludge

G.A.H.H. Galkanda*, (Prof.) R.U. Halwatura

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Determination of Actual Surface Loading Rate and Hydraulic Retention Time for Sedimentation Process in Water Treatment

H.A. Pitagampola, (Dr.) T.M.W.R.M.B.Samarakoon & R.R.P.N. Rathnayake

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Design approaches in stability and environmental management of solid waste dump site: A case study of development of abandoned Meethotamulla waste fill site into an urban park

S.H.S. Jayakody, W.K.N. Chandrasena, (Prof.) U.P. Nawagamuwa, (Dr.) A.K. Karunarathna, (Dr.) W.A. Karunawardena, H.D.S. Premasiri

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Life Cycle Embodied Carbon Assessment of Roofing Materials

G. N. Anuradha, (Prof.) R.U. Halwatura

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Design of an Onshore Wave Energy Converter Device for Electricity Generation

S.Sangar, T.Thiruvaran, V.Aravinthan, B.Thanatheeban

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Flood Modelling and Disaster Risk Reduction in Small Catchments of Sri Lanka

G.A. Thusitha, (Dr.) N.K. Gunasekara, P.S. Shanaka, P.D.Y. Sandeepa, S. Aboobakur, P.S. Witharana, S.T. Bogoda, K.P. Wijeweera, R.M.T.B. Bandara

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Assessment of Exposure of Sri Lanka to Tsunami Hazards: Case Study in the Western/South-Western Coast

U J W Edirisooriya, E V L Prabath, T M N Wijayaratna,   A H R Ratnasooriya, P K C De Silva

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Personalizing a Low-Cost Weather Forecasting System

Muditha Dantanarayana, (Prof.) Srikantha Herath, (Dr.) H.M.N. Dilum Bandara & (Prof.) W.M.S.B. Weerakoon

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A Review of Trenchless Technology for Sewerage and Stormwater Infrastructure with Special Reference to the Colombo City

(Peof.) A A D A J Perera, G K S P Karunasena, U W V De S Kanakaratne

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Investigation of the Structural Crashworthiness of Three-wheelers

(Dr.) B. S. Jurangpathy, S. D. Rasika Perera           

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A Review of Performance Improvement of Ballasted Tracks by using Rubber Inclusions

G. S. Mayuranga, (Dr.) S. K. Navaratnarajah, (Dr.) C. S. Bandara, and (Dr.) J. A. S. C. Jayasinghe

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Calibrate the VISSIM Micro-simulator for Heterogeneous Sub-Urban Traffic Operations   

By: Mahamani Nirshanthan and Niranga Amarasingha

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Influence of Pedestrian Characteristics, Land Use, Location and Time on Pedestrian Crosswalk Speed

Gayasha S. Samarakoon, T. Sivakumar

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Publicity 2

115th Annual Sessions

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The paper should be of value and interest to Engineers and aimed at making a contribution to the advancement of the Profession of Engineering. It must be based on a review of past practice, information of current interest, or probing into new fields of engineering activity. It should be a presentation of thought-provoking study contributing to planning, analysis, design, construction, fabrication, production, management or maintenance of Engineering works. In this context, practical papers are strongly encouraged. Wherever possible, theoretical papers should include a section on practical application or additional research areas to be pursued for effective technology transfer. 


Submission of Papers:

The intention of submitting a paper should be conveyed to the IESL with an abstract of the proposed paper. The abstract, not exceeding 300 words in English, together with details of the author/(s) can be submitted in electronic format at the URL https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=iesl2021


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Last date for receipt of abstracts                                 - 01st October 2021

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