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“International Professional Engineer” Status


The IESL has spread its wings by providing the opportunity to its members to obtain internationally recognized “International Professional Engineer” status.

International Professional Engineer (IntPE) is governed by the International Professional Engineering Alliance (IPEA), which consists of the national engineering organizations of Australia, Canada, China Taipei, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, UK and USA.

We hereby kindly invite the corporate members of the IESL to apply for the membership status, in order to get qualified for this prestigious membership status that will immensely benefit. Members who wish to be inducted require to comply with the following.

  • A four-year engineering degree accredited/recognized by the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka
  • An engineering degree programme accredited by any other signatory to the Washington Accord
  • Gained a further three (3) years of practical experience since becoming a Chartered Engineer of which at least two years should have been in charge of significant engineering works.
  • To maintain a Continuing Professional Development [CPD] at a satisfactory level, in keeping with international standards.
  • To be evaluated through a competency-based assessment.

Those who have obtained International Professional Engineer status can use the abbreviated title PEng (Sri Lanka) after their names.

The Benefits

  • The members who wish to practice at any of the member countries are able to do so without further professional qualifications.
  • Members who are Sri Lankan residents, who aspire to get engineering contracts in member countries, will have his /her qualification recognized.
  • Members who wish to work with international contractors in Sri Lanka will have an internationally recognized qualification.
  • Members who wish to be entrepreneurs and who will export their products will have a recognized qualification.
  • Members who wish to work in lending banks such as WB or ADB, these Banks will recognize this qualification.