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Following subscriptions must be paid through IESL for its membership.

a) IESL Membership Fee

b) ECSL Registration Fee

A. IESL Membership Fee


LKR 1610.70

Fellow (FIE)

LKR 8550.00

Member (MIE)

LKR 6939.00

Associate Member (AMIE)

LKR 5204.00

Affiliate Member

LKR 4461.00

Associate (AIE)

LKR 4461.00


LKR 4461.00


LKR 1000.00

*A rebate of 10% to be offered for all members except student members, who pay subscription fees for the year 2021 on or before January 31, 2021.

International Professional Engineer (IntPEng) Annual Registration Fees is Rs 3,000/=.

Benevolent Fund (Optional) – Minimum Contribution – Rs. 300.*


1.1 In respect of the membership subscription fees, a discount of 25% will apply to members other than Student Members who are above 60 years of age and who declare that their annual income is less than Rs. 600,000/=.

1.2 Corporate Members/Fellows, Associates, and Companions who have 30 years of enrollment at IESL and are above 60 years will pay only 50% of subscription. Such a member is not entitled to the discount stated in 1.1

B. ECSL Registration Fee

ECSL Registration Fee - Rs. 1000.00 per annum

Relevant information on ECSL registration fee:

Engineering Council, Sri Lanka has been established by Engineering Council, Sri Lanka Act, No 4 of 2017 passed in the Parliament of The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. According to clause 14 of said act, no engineering practitioner shall engage in the practice of engineering profession unless such engineering practitioner is registered under ECSL. In order to register in the ECSL under one of the following Member categories, one has to be an active Member of the IESL and has paid annual subscriptions for the IESL membership and ECSL registration for the current year. Please note that IESL Members have to pay ECSL registration fee to the IESL by using any of the payment methods indicated under “Instructions for Payment” section below. Names of those Members will be sent to the ECSL by the IESL for registration

a) Chartered Engineer - Corporate Members of the IESL (Fellow and Member Categories of the IESL)

b) Associate Engineer - Associate Members of the IESL

c) Affiliate Engineer - Affiliate Members of the IESL

  • IESL will generate two separate invoices each year; one for the IESL annual membership payment and the other for the ECSL annual registration payment.
  • Honorary Life Fellows (HLF) and Honorary Life Members (HLM) who are not required to pay IESL membership fee, will have to pay the ECSL registration fee if they intend to actively practice as engineers.
  • IESL Members who are employed overseas may not need to register for ECSL.
  • Those who do not pay ECSL registration fee on or before 31st January of each year will be removed from the ECSL Registries (pls refer ECSL website: www.ecsl.lk ) and will appear in ECSL registries only upon such payments to IESL. Note that, only paying ECSL registration fee, one cannot register in ECSL.


Please note that the following modes of payment are now available:

A. Online Payment Method (Click the link: https://iesl.lk/mis/Invoice_member )

        a) Online payments(using  Internet Payment Gateway (IPG))by logging in to our website, iesl.lk.

        The easiest and simple way is to use IESL MIS system to pay subscriptions ONLINE.(This method will update your profile on time)

        Steps involved:

  1. Login to MIS System by using your User Name and Password (If you don’t know how to log in to MIS system click here)
  2. Go to “My Payments” submenu
  3. Click the submenu ”Outstanding”  
  4. If you have any outstanding payments, they are displayed in your profile
  5. Please click the icon/s in front of the outstanding invoice/s
  6. Press “Pay Online” button
  7. You will be directed to the Internet Payment Gateway (IPG)
  8. You will get two options to pay, through “BOC” or “Sampath Bank” . You can select any option as appropriate
  9. Enter the details requested by the Bank  and click “Pay Now” button. As per your agreement with Credit/Debit Card supplier, an OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to your registered mobile/email with the Credit/Debit card supplier

Additional information about Debit /Credit Cards (eCommerce transactions)

Following banks allow eCommerce transactions with their cards by default

  • Sampath Bank Debit/Credit/Web Cards
  • HSBC Debit/Credit Cards
  • Commercial Bank Debit/Credit Cards
  • BOC Credit Card
  • People's Bank Credit Card

*Some banks DO NOT allow eCommerce transactions with their cards by default, Please check with the Bank whether your card is acceptable for eCommerce transactions or not before using  BOC or Sampath Bank Internet Payment Gateway (IPG)

B. Inform Payments Method of MIS or Using Emails

        b) Online funds transfer to the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka Account No: 0002323113 maintained at the Torrington Square Branch of the Bank of Ceylon with the confirmation of payment received from the bank sent to us using informed payment method of MIS  or via email to praneeth@iesl.lk and quoting your membership number and name with initials.

        c) Cash payments made directly at any branch of Bank of Ceylon to the Account No. 002323113 of the Institution of EngineersSri Lanka maintained at the Torrington Square Branch of the Bank of Ceylon using the special payment slip available at the bank. A copy of the slip should be sent to us, preferably using informed payment method of MIS  or via email to praneeth@iesl.lk along with the payment slip.

C. Other Payment Method (Without MIS)

        d) Cheques drawn in favor of ‘’The Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka” and posted to IESL

        e) Cash/Cheque /Credit Card/Debit card payments made in person during normal working hours(8.30 am to 4.30 pm)at IESL Headquarters, Wijerama Mawatha, Colombo 7.