IESL JIY and UIY Launching Ceremony To Redefine the Innovative Culture

By JIY and UIY

“There are no dreams too large, no innovation unimaginable and no frontier beyond our reach.”
John C. Herrington

Bringing forth the perfect combination of creativity, innovation, and ambition together, the official launching ceremony of IESL-Junior Inventor of the Year (JIY) and IESL-Undergraduate Inventor of the Year (UIY) programs, was held successfully on 10th of July 2021 from 4.00 PM onwards. Converting relentless challenges emerged by the COVID-19 pandemic, into monumental resolutions, the JIY and UIY committees paved the path to remark the inauguration of the programs in a fully virtualized manner through the zoom platform. The ceremony consisted of an introductory session on JIY and UIY followed by a forum discussion with a distinguished panel of guests. Adding a phenomenal milestone to the history of JIY and UIY, dedicated websites were launched under the programs, which seeks to devise a remarkable scheme of accumulating and retaining the standards of the programs for the coming years.

The occasion was honoured by the presence of the president of IESL-Eng. K.P.I.U. Dharmapala as the chief guest, the President-Elect of IESL-Eng. Arjuna Manamperi as the guest of honour, Advisor of JIY and UIY-Eng. M.R. Ranatunga, Chairman of JIY and UIY-Eng. Navodana Kankanamge, Secretary of JIY and UIY-Dr. Dulini Mudunkotuwa along with Eng. Tharindu Suraj, and past winners of JIY, Mr. G.K Bandara, Mr. Ganindu Nanayakkara, and Mr. K.G Wijeyawardana as special guests.

Admiring the innovative approaches taken by the organizing committees of JIY and UIY in order to overcome the prevailing situation in the country, Chairman of the programs Eng. Navodana Kankanamge enlightened the audience with his expertise in the field of engineering innovation while welcoming the participants. He also introduced and deep-dived into the history and background of the JIY program and apprised inside-out information to the audience. Dr. Dulini Mudunkotuwa, secretary of JIY and UIY programs consolidate her experience and adroitness to the occasion by introducing the first-ever UIY program and innovation in general.

Subsequently, the forum discussion was undertaken by JIY and UIY committee member, Eng. Sachini Somathilake. Laying the foreground of the forum, President of IESL, Eng. K.P.I.U. Dharmapala integrated the importance of creating opportunities and utilizing the technological advancements to reach all four corners of the country, by sharing invaluable thoughts and experiences that accompanied him throughout his journey and life as an engineer. While Eng. Tharindu Suraj, shared his experiences as a double patent holder for research in the aviation industry, to uplift the spirits of young innovators who joined the session, President-Elect of IESL, Eng. Arjuna Manamperi added an exclusive point of view to the session by establishing the brilliant concept of being an innovator who emerges with the evolutions of many ideas that solves the desires or requirements of society at large. Furthermore, the advisor of JIY and UIY programs, Eng. M.R. Ranatunga addressed the forum elaborating on the journey of JIY and encouraged the participants to take part by elucidating the immense support offered by the IESL and the organizers for the contestants. Past winners of JIY, Mr. G.K Bandara, Mr. Ganindu Nanayakkara, and Mr. K.G Wijeyawardana also added colour to the event by sharing their unique experiences collected during their JIY participation.

To enlighten the participants on JIY and UIY programs more, the road maps of the programs were presented by the chairmen of both JIY and UIY sub-committees, Mr. Amila Premakumara and Mr. Akhila Wijesinghe, respectively.

Synergizing the confluence of innovation by creating a platform for thousands of young innovators island-wide, the ceremony marked its final march of the evening by launching the websites virtually by the President and the President Elect of IESL respectively. This collective effort strived an undoubted example for opening doors of opportunities while fostering innovative culture through endless possibilities that comes to life with technology.

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