Request to Contribute to The IESL Benevolent Fund


  1. What is the Benevolent Fund?

This is a fund raised by the voluntary contribution made by our Members over the years, to financially support fellow Members who are in distress. Every year along with the membership subscription payment, most of our Members contribute to the fund voluntarily. Thanks to them, there is a reasonable accumulation of funds to assist our members who are in distress. This fund is managed by the Benevolent Fund Management Committee, headed by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees (BOT), in a very transparent manner.

  1. What is the benefit of the Benevolent Fund to members?

Members can obtain the financial support for following requirements, if they are in distress.

Critical illness related claims - Maximum Rs. 350,000/- per Member, Rs. 175,000/- for the spouse

Covid related claims (newly introduced in year 2021)

Rs 50,000/- (without bills)

75,000/- (with bills)

  1. Who can get the benefits?

Members and their immediate family members.

  1. How did the Benevolent fund support its members due to COVID-19 pandemic situation and critical illness in the year 2021 (as on 15th June 2021)?

Type of claim

No of members

No of members Amount claimed (Rs)

Covid 19 related



Critical illness




4, 942,000/-

  1. Raising the Benevolent Fund

Because of the newly introduced COVID19 assistance scheme to help our members who are in need, the available deposits in the Benevolent Fund are depleting. Therefore, your generous contributions to the fund at this stage is highly appreciated. Your contribution will be utilized to help other needy Members who may require this support. Next time it will be you!

Let’s start this precious and worthy service by contributing Rs. 500/- or more to the fund.

Please click to contribute online.