The Official E-Newsletter of the Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka   |  Issue 46 - January 2020


By Eng.Jasmine Nanayakkara


100%Eco Friendly, Origami, Banana Fibre Paper Art


Our Country is the best place to live and visit for a holiday...

Statistics by the Central Environment Authority (CEA) shows Sri Lanka generates 7,500 metric tons of waste per day. The daily waste collection by local authorities amounts to 3,500 metric tons and daily collection in Colombo is 700 metric tons, while the generation ranges from 900-1,200 metric tons. Of the total amount 62% is biodegradable, 7% paper, 6% polythene and plastic, 6% wood, 2% glass and 17% other materials. Environmentalists say, only 20-25% of this waste is recycled because Sri Lanka’s recycling process is still at a preliminary level.

We should be mindful when we use day to day products made of non-recyclable items. People forget their responsibility of social and environmental wellbeing, when they decide to purchase import products which is already available and can be reproduced in Sri Lanka. It is essential to adopt sustainable lifestyle for caring our mother of Sri Lanka.
Do you care about your money than environment, when you buy?
The options are endless!
Country generates 7,500MT waste daily: Strategic solutions key to fixing garbage crisis
Statistics by the Central Environment Authority (CEA), October, 2018


O'girl is a registered brand internationally for creative handmade greeting cards, paper arts and products using recycle paper, Banana fibre and biodegradable materials.

We do our paper arts and crafts with value-added the sense of loving nature and creativity of Origami, the art of paper folding. Cards are left blank to encourage self expression. Thus, we encourage individuals to express your own sense of feelings in a written on our greeting cards instead printed quotes.

Corporate business/invitation cards and certificates are designed with screen printing. These Eco-friendly products are almost handmade by outpatients of Cancer in Sri Lanka, benefiting through a social subsidiary system of 'Creative Entrepreneurship'.

We do our creative paper art for events, corporate functions and customized for any occasion based on requirements and themes, who love the sense of creativity and nature. This is indeed ideal for wedding planners to use O'girl paper arts for decorations and souvenirs.
The O'girl brand is an initiative of Step by Step Consultancy Services and Real Life, a network that focuses on life coaching and strengthening family relationships.
“leave nothing but foot prints, buy anything but Eco-friendly”
Our dream to make 100% Eco-friendly paper-art  products has come true! It is our prime duty to be responsible for what we produce, promote and use in day to day lifestyle.

Think a bit...
Buy social, buy local and seed the happiness...
Our online product catalog - July 2019


Photo courtesy: Neveindee Amarasinghe


"We hope to have a sustainable working environment with creative-green entrepreneurship movements to the community, environment and our society."


Eng. Jasmine Nanayakkara