The Official E-Newsletter of the Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka   |  Issue 46 - January 2020


Published by the Mechanical Engineering Sectional Committee

In the present day technological world, even for the Sri Lankans with a very low level of per capita energy consumption, energy plays a vital role in their day to day life. Therefore, different forms of energy are much in demand across all levels of energy.

As such under these circumstances the energy sector is at the focus of much discussions, mainly due to the recognition that traditional sources of energy based on fossil fuels is undoubtedly a limited and diminishing resource. Moreover, there are no indigenous fossil fuel resources except for the promise of   some natural gas in the Mannar basin.  In addition the world has taken note of the multitude of negative impacts due to the excessive use of fossil fuels, particularly leading to global warming and climate change.

Such negative impacts and the resultant knock on effects on many other aspects of human existence, such as health, food security, loss of habitats and many more have created many challenges. However, a properly conceived energy future for Sri Lanka could not only avoid such negative impacts spanning many fields beyond the mere question of providing secure and sustainable energy services.

The objective of this publication is to act as a catalyst and a source of reliable data, to provoke all segments of the society to work towards achieving such an energy future for Sri Lanka.   

The urgent need for Sri Lanka to ensure energy security with non-dependence on imported fossil fuels is well recognized. The major essential  prerequisite in achieving this goal is the wide spread  access to accurate and reliable knowledge on all aspects of the subject   This publication will be an invaluable means of dissemination of such well-informed  awareness and knowledge to all segments of the public, who are the prime stakeholders of the energy industry.

The Book is available in the IESL library at a discounted price of Rs 1,500.00