The Official E-Newsletter of the Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka   |  Issue 46 - January 2020

Building Services Engineers’ Winning Saga Continues…

by Eng. Suran Fernando

Building Services Engineering (BSE) has undoubtedly become a key engineering sector in the modern era when high risers are rising in the cities with the increasing focus towards sustainability. This sector has come up as a different trade in Sri Lanka quite recently. In the same time, the establishment of the Building Services Engineering Sectional Committee (BSESC) at IESL is not more than two decades old. However, thanks to the courageous founding members and the determined current membership, BSESC journey at IESL over the past years has been tremendous. 

Building Services Engineering Sector

Building Services Engineering is all about converting the lifeless constructions called buildings into human friendly living environments. Without it, none of the fancy buildings will become safe and healthy spaces for human occupancy. Lighting, ventilation, water supply, electrical supply and many more services are to be well managed in order to get the optimum intended use of any building.

The key subdisciplines of Building Services Engineering are follows.

  1. High/Medium Voltage Power Distribution
  2. Low Voltage Power Distribution
  3. Extra Low Voltage Systems
  4. Heating, Mechanical Ventilation, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration
  5. Water Supply & Drainage and Plumbing Systems
  6. Storm water Drainage
  7. Rain Water Harvesting       
  8. Wastewater Treatment
  9. Solid Waste Management
  10. Day Lighting and Artificial Lighting
  11. Escalators and Lifts (Vertical Transportation Systems)
  12. Harnessing Solar, Wind and Biomass Energy and Renewable Energy Systems
  13. Communications, Telephones and IT Networks
  14. Security and Alarm Systems
  15. Fire Detection
  16. Fire Protection
  17. Facade Engineering

Building Services Engineering Sectional Committee of IESL

BSESC of IESL was established in IESL in the year 2001 by the engineers from mechanical, electrical and civil streams who are practicing Building Services Engineering. BSE Charter was established in 2009 and Directory of Building Services Engineers was first published in 2012. Several field visits, public lectures, technical sessions, workshops on different building services areas have been conducted by the BSESC during the first years too. BSESC members have made significant contributions in establishing the CPD Courses related to BSE like Fire Detection & Protection Systems, Plumbing Engineering, Vertical Transportation Systems, Air Conditioning System Design etc.

Ongoing BSESC Activities

  1. Public Lectures:
  2. BSESC organizes public lectures related to BSE sub disciplines, common engineering themes and other important non engineering topics.

  3. BSESC Workshops:
  4. BSESC organizes workshops related to BSE disciplines of interest time to time for the benefit of its members

  5. Knowledge Sharing Sessions:
  6. After each monthly meeting BSESC conducts a short knowledge sharing session on BSE related topics.

  7. Contribution to the National Building Code:
  8. Representing IESL, BSESC is playing a major role in the process of the preparation of the National Building Code led by CIDA with a range of other related institutions like IESL, SLIA, UDA, NBRO etc.

  9. Directory of Building Services Engineers:
  10. On behalf of IESL, BSESC plays a leading role in the process of evaluating chartered engineers who are experts in one or many BSE subdisciplines to be listed as the Qualified Persons in the Directory of Building Services Engineers maintained by IESL

  11. Engineering Heritage Exploration:
  12. The project works related exploration of engineering technologies in the ancient micro water management systems in the ancient capital Anuradhapura is progressing with the contributions of the subcommittee members. An IESL publication on this is planned to launch within 2020.

  13. BSE Publications;
  14. Several publications related to BSE sub disciplines like plumbing engineering, HVAC are in progress.

  15. Techno Exhibition:
  16. BSESC will arrange its stall each year at the IESL Techno exhibition.

  17. Field Visits:
  18. Each year BSESC organizes few field visits for its members to offer an exposure to MEP systems in the buildings which are either in operation or under construction.

  19. CSR Projects:
  20. BSESC organizes a CSR project each year with the contribution of its members.

  21. Get-togethers:
  22. BSESC organizes an annual get-together for its members.

BSESC Winning Streak 2010-2019

BSESC has won the first gold award for the Best Sectional Committee of IESL in 2010 at the time Eng. Mangala Silva was the chairman. Since then BSESC retained this prestigious Gold Award among them consecutively.

In 2019 BSESC has celebrated its 10-year winning streak after receiving the same for the 10th consecutive time at the IESL Techno Award ceremony held at the Marino Beach Hotel on 8th November 2019. This 10-year winning streak is neither caused by any luck nor as a result of a series of random incidents. This has been the result of a great team work and unparallel commitment of the BSESC membership.

Message to the IESL membership by BSESC

Either you are a mechanical, electrical or civil engineer by qualification, BSESC invites all the engineers who are working in the building services engineering stream under different segments of design, installation, consultancy, maintenance etc. to join with this dynamic BSESC team. The average number of participants for monthly activities are now reaching 30 to 40 members which shows the dynamism of the sectional committee. You may join & work actively in a range of different subcommittees formed under BSESC for mutual benefits.