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CPD Course Completed: Extra Low Voltage (ELV) CPD

Extra Low Voltage (ELV) CPD programme was successfully concluded in January 2019.This was the 5th consecutive session of ELV CPD programme. It was successfully conducted from 10th of November 2018 to 12th of January 2019.The CPD programme was steered by a pool of competent professional resource persons, namely

·  Eng. Samantha Gunawardana

·  Eng. Jagathlal Wickramasekara

·  Eng. Thilina Chandrasiri

·  Eng. Niranjan Boteju

·  Eng. Sampath Kumara

The main objective of the training programme was toenhance the knowledge of ELV applications and their practical usage. Course was comprised of worked practical examples thereby providing knowledge on design criteria.

60 participants of the Extra Low Voltage (ELV) CPD Programme were acknowledged upon successfully completing the course. IESL would like to thank the pool of Resource persons, CPD Committee, participants and IESL CPD staff of Education Division for making this CPD Programme a Success.

Published Date: 2019-05-16 16:18:11