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Find the Effortless Now! The Two Day Non-Residential Workshop (non-religious event)

2019-07-29 08:35:01

Find the Effortless Now! The Two Day Non-Residential Workshop (non-religious event)

With Direct guidance & sound healing

Truly being in the Now… is to be in an effortless state while you go about everyday life.

When you are in the Effortless Now you may engage with the world, thinking, talking, being active… but your mind is effortlessly aware, and relaxed. This is what is meant to be in the Effortless Now, the true present moment awareness.

 The Effortless Now is a state of being, not a state of doing, in which you can very much be active in the world should you wish to…

The Effortless Now is also the state of flow that the high achievers and competitive sportsmen and women try to get in to, and what the religions talk about as a basic necessity for happiness. It is the way to become more self-aware and at peace, and much more besides.

 Being in the Effortless Now will change your life from inside out. You can learn how to be in this state the same way you can learn how to walk, swim or drive.

This program would teach you step by step to do exactly that.

As a result of learning to be in Effortless Presence you will:

    • be more relaxed and self-aware
    • be able to let go of the inner chatter
    • begin the journey to let go of long held grief, fears and phobias, anger issues, and other negative content in the mind and body
    • have a greater attention span and concentration
    • let go of stress due to work and troubling issues
    • be more intuitive
    • make better decisions in home and work life
    • improve interpersonal skills
    • be in better mental and physical health
    • begin to feel joy in life

“Life gives you plenty of time to do whatever you want to do
if you stay in the present moment” –Deepak Chopra   

 What the Effortless Present is:

  • It is a natural state of being
  • It is a conscious state. It is conscious of content of the mind rather than an unconscious state that is identified with mind content, i.e. the normal waking state
  • Anyone can identify it within oneself.
  • The thinking process can be integrated into to the Effortless Now, meaning that one can actively think, plan, etc., while effortlessly being in the present.
  • You can fully integrate it in to an ethical life.
  • It is a state that can be deepened to include the spiritual dimension, beyond mere belief.
  • [Note: what it is not primarily is a state where one tries to exclude the thoughts of the past or the future while trying to concentrate on the present. In other words, it includes the thoughts of the past or the future within an effortless present moment awareness that one intuitively connects to].

There is a precise science to being in the Effortless Present…

All genuine methods in spirituality and meditation will eventually get you in touch with the Effortless Present, including mindfulness meditation.

However this usually takes a considerable amount of time and effort. And not everyone will dedicate themselves enough to reach this state through meditation alone.There is however an alternative:

One can be introduced to the Effortless Present through a direct pointing out by a teacher.

Teachers with very specific consciousness/energy based skills can do this direct pointing out in that anyone open to this teaching can perceive the Effortless Presence within them using their own higher intuition to do so.

Sometime after being introduced in to the Effortless Now
You will be taught how to use sound yoga and music to go deeper in to the Effortless Now..

There is an ancient practice of healing and transformation through sound. Modern clinical psychiatry also uses music in its therapeutic work.

Music and sound can be attuned to in a particular way to give you an experience of deep relaxation and increased awareness.

In this workshop you will be shown the transformative power of connecting with music and sound to deepen your experience of the Effortless Now. This will also give you a joyful way to connect with your inner self through sound and music.

 A guarantee: everyone will find and experience the Effortless Present by the end of this program.

 The effect of being in the Effortless Presence in your work life:

  • Being in the Effortless Presence will mean that you will be in a state of relaxed alertness during your work. This will put you ‘in state’ to handle work-commitments more efficiently.
  • Creativity, not just in art, but in real-life situations, happens best when you are relaxed and alert at the same time. Your mind will bring up solutions seemingly out of nowhere when you are in this state. This is the so called ‘aha’ moment.
  • The reason why people come up with brilliant solutions to problems right after a good sleep and rest is because the state of relaxed alertness happens naturally for a short interval right after a good sleep. But the good news here is that that window of relaxed alertness can be had naturally with Effortless Present, and much longer than a short moment. In fact, one can life one’s entire life in this state of relaxed alertness, after some deepening.
  • The fundamental reason why most people are exhausted after a day of a white-collar job isn’t due to physical tiredness. The primary reason here is the mind that gets in to states of irritation, anger, anxiety, that it holds on to. The very nature of Effortless Present is clearing the mind through awareness. This will cut down or eliminate mental stress on the job itself.
  • Once you are genuinely relaxed, and not just trying to appear relaxed, others too will be naturally relaxed around you. You will enjoy their company, and they, yours. You will naturally have better interpersonal skills when you in the Effortless Present.
  • Once you start stabilising in the Effortless Present, you will open up the door of intuitive awareness, which is direct knowledge. Creativity is just one manifestation of higher intuition, the latter being infinitely vaster. The effect of this in your life in general, to whatever extent you will connect to this direct knowledge, will be immeasurable.

  About the Trainer:

 Kammatanacharin G. Wijenayake, or Acharin as he is known, is the founder and the head teacher of the Nisala International Meditation Centre, a non-profit organisation in Udadumbara, Kandy, Sri Lanka (www.nisala.org).

 He is primarily known for his ability to directly guide students in to their inherent awareness, the Effortless Present. He also teaches traditional methods of meditation as complimentary practices to deeply stabilise in the Effortless Present.

Being one of the most prolific teacher teaching today, he regularly teaches at several notable venues in Sri Lanka and overseas.

“Today can be the first day of the rest of your life”-Proverb


Note to the prospective participant: this program would require your undivided attention once it is underway. And as such :

  • You will be expected to follow the trainer’s instructions in their entirety.
  • All communication, with other participants, or through the use of mobile phones, the internet, are not allowed during the program.
  • Please note that the program is for the serious and the earnest, and as such is not for the merely curious.
  • It is necessary that all applicants attend on both days, from start to the end, each day.

The program is conducted with charitable intent, with voluntary donations received. Your generous donations to this event are welcome. 

Only a limited number of seats available for the program. Early applicants will be given priority.

 Colombo Program details :

Dates :24th and  25th of August
Time : 9 am to 5 pm both days
 Address : Hector Kobbekaduwa Agrarian Research & Training Institute, Wijerama Mawatha, Colombo 07

Medium : English

Registration Link: