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Tragedy Unfolded in Our Motherland – message from NSW Chapter

2019-05-13 09:20:35


Tragedy Unfolded in Our Motherland



Dear Fellow Engineers,

As all of you are aware our motherland has faced one of the gravest tragedies in recent years. We hope and pray that your families and loved ones living in Sri Lanka are safe and well. If your families or friends are affected by recent incidents, please feel free to contact us for any assistance and we are willing to help you.

In coming days, the people and families who are affected by the recent tragedy may require our help and assistance for them to get back into their lives, though this may be a very difficult and a long process. We will be talking to IESL headquarter in Colombo to see if there is any assistance that we can provide to assist the affected people in the country and what sort of long-term assistance we can provide from our end. We humbly request from you to attend the various activities organized in Sydney and around NSW for the affected people in our motherland and help them in whatever way you can.

We hope that our country will learn a lesson from what had unfolded and make sure that similar incidents will not be repeated again in the country.  We hope and pray for those who are injured to get well soon and those who lost their loved ones will have strength and courage to stand up and get back to their normal lives.  We wish to inform them that we share their grief and our thoughts are with them.

May the religious beliefs held by the affected peoples help them to come to grips with their losses and recover from injuries.

IESL NSW Chapter Executive Committee.


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