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Register for IESL Policy Forum for the session 2022/2023

2022-11-09 11:20:02

Dear Member,

Register for IESL Policy Forum for the session 2022/2023

The IESL Policy Forum is an important committee of the IESL. The objective of the forum is to discuss the infrastructure and industrial Policies of the Government in connection with the Economic and Social Development of Sri Lanka.

The Policy Forum focuses on sector groups, but not limited to the following.

  1. Water Supply and Sanitation
  2. Power and Energy (Electricity and Petroleum)
  3. Telecommunication / ICT
  4. Roads, Railway and Transportation
  5. Ports
  6. Aviation
  7. Irrigation and Water Resources Management etc.
  8. Industrial development

For more information on the IESL Policy Forum, kindly visit <Link>

The Chairman of the IESL policy forum for the session 2022/2023, Eng. M G Hemachandra invites Members those who are interested to join the IESL Policy Forum. Kindly fill out the following form indicating the sector/s in which you can contribute.

Click Here< https://forms.gle/x5Az9dWLNJLnpNhJ9>

CEO/Executive Secretary