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IESL Assistance to Members Affected by the Crisis situation prevailing in the Country

2022-06-18 15:44:09

IESL Assistance to Members Affected by the

Crisis situation prevailing in the Country

We are well aware that the Country is passing through one of the toughest time ever faced, and is stuck in a multiple crisis situation.

This crisis situation in the country is becoming worse day by day and it is expected to reach it’s peak within the next three to six months and most likely to continue for a further period of one to two years. As per a recent government decision, directives have been given to suspend all ongoing construction projects, funded by the Government of Sri Lanka, due to the non-availability of funds. As a direct impact of this suspension of projects, there is a threat of losing employment of a large number of engineers attached to these projects including those who are involved in other support services connected with these projects. This has been already brought to the notice of IESL by several of its members who have lost their employment and they request IESL assistance in this hour of need.

IESL, having paid attention to this situation, the Professional Affairs Committee appointed a special Sub Committee under the Chairmanship of Eng. K.P.I.U.Dharmapala (Immediate Past President) to study and propose possible ways and means to assist the engineers who have been and are going to affect by the Country’s current crisis. The Sub Committee has had several meetings already and also had discussions with our Chapters abroad, and come out with their recommendations and the report can be accessed through the following link.

Link: https://app.box.com/s/thtuv894p3lfryg1rhlf410vbohgzd4x

IESL has already started to implement some of the short-term recommendations therein made. By implementing the subcommittee recommendations, it is expected to provide some assistance to the members who have been affected by the prevailing economic crisis situation.

IESL also wishes to appreciate and thank the Foreign Chapters for their prompt response and excellent corporation extended in this issue.

Through this exercise, it may not be possible to attend to the issues of members on an individual basis, however, it is intended to assist the affected members in a common approach in some of the urgent issues faced by its membership due to the crisis situation.

The Sub Committee has also proposed a few recommendations as long-term proposals to address the employment problem caused due to the crisis situation, in the long run.

We herewith request our members, who have been affected due to suspension of projects or other actions caused by the current crisis, to write to us with their grievances using the following email address.


The Sub Committee is also willing to receive any suggestions from members that can help to uphold the proposals further.


Eng. Neil Abeysekera

Chief Executive Officer/ Executive Secretary

The Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka