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2021-01-08 10:06:21

Dear Member


Following is an invitation from the Chairman of the Council appointed Committee Chairman, Eng. Granie Jayalath – Vice President IESL to join the IESL Ethics Committee. The first meeting has been scheduled for 5.00 pm on 15th January 2021 at the Members’ Lounge of  IESL head office.


  1. Background

Thought out the last several decades, we had gradually lost image within the society. As you are aware there are many examples/ cases warranting this situation. Among many others one important factor that had contributed towards this situation had been the violation of our own code of ethics by our own members. Meanwhile it was evidenced that the share of violations the “Code of Ethics” had shouldered a significant portion towards the prevailing situation. Members had been used to point out that the current “Code of Ethics” warrant revisit & re-drafting so that violations could simply be analyzed making reference to the code of ethics, which is not the case with prevailing code. Because of this situation the committee called “Ethic Committee” was rejuvenated at the last council meeting.


  1. Objectives of Ethics Committee


  1. Conducting general awareness sessions for membership.
  2. Analysing of inquiries related to violation of code ethics & submit observations and recommendations to the council.
  3. Revisit the existing code of ethics & develop a simplified version of it so that members could understand and follow them easily.
  4. Whether Ethic committee could serve as a “Saviour“ for those who are compelled to commit violations against their own consciences.  


Those who wish to join the first meeting of the “Ethics Committee” are requested to express their willingness by dropping an Email to CEO/ES (email: es@iesl.lk) on or before 13th January 2021.

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