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Message from President

2020-10-13 15:47:33

Dear Member:

As the President of Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka (IESL), I would like to inform you that, IESL, in its 114 year history, has made numerous positive contributions to development efforts of the country. As recently as 2008, IESL proposed the Colombo Suburban Railway Project (CSRP) and IESL was the happiest when news broke out that the project would commence in 2020.  Involvement of IESL in this particular project, as well as in other national projects that are beneficial to the country, has only two intentions. One - The project will be done without fail and Two - The project represents good value for public money invested.

One of the major concerns of IESL In recent years was the under-utilization of Sri Lankan engineering expertise in national level projects. This was highlighted by IESL at a recent meeting with His Excellency the President where we stated that (a) Sri Lankan Engineers have the full capacity of doing all Pre-feasibility, feasibility and pre-tender work of any Project (b) It is important to increase the local component in all engineering projects (c) It is important to establish a national plan for development spanning at least 30 year duration and (d) It is essential to have input of Sri Lankan Engineers in all projects from pre-feasibility stage to completion. HE the President affirmed IESL’s views.


SBS Abayakoon

President, IESL