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Invitation for Member comments on amendments to the CIDA Act

2020-07-31 15:34:03

Dear Member,

The CIDA Act is to be amended to address the current issues faced by the industry, especially related to the Construction Sector. IESL representatives are also involved in the sub-committee to be appointed to amend the CIDA Act, by the Secretary to the Ministry of Urban Development, Water Supply & Housing Facilities.

 In this regard, therefore, IESL Members are invited to send their comments that would be useful for our representatives to prepare a comprehensive proposal.  Kindly email your comments/suggestions to our Manager Publicity (mgr.pub@iesl.lk) within 1 week of this notice to make this exercise a success.

Existing CIDA Act can be downloaded from the following link (Click).

Best Regards,

Chief Executive Officer/Executive Secretary