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Safety Protocols to follow within the IESL Premises

2020-05-11 16:19:24

Dear Member,

Safety Protocols to follow within the IESL Premises

We wish to inform you that the core activities of the IESL including Membership, Education, CPD, CEO’s Office and Finance will be functional physically at the headquarters from 11th of May 2020 with a skeleton staff until the country situation returns to normalcy, in accordance with the guidelines issued by Ministry of Health and other government authorities. Library services and Canteen facilities will not be available during the initial period.

By taking into consideration your health and safety during this vulnerable time period, the Council of the Institution has decided to take necessary actions to mitigate the impact of COVID 19 pandemic on our Members by curtailing the direct contacts, unless it is really essential to do so. However, majority of the services offered by the Secretariat will be intact as the newly introduced Management Information System (MIS) of the IESL facilitates all of them with the support of rest of the staff working from home.

In order to streamline the requests/inquiries of our members and others, we have devised a mechanism. Accordingly, please send us your inquiry using the link below without walk into the Institution. Our staff members will contact you on your inquiry/ request for making an appointment, within 24 hours (even during weekends/holidays), to best serve you.

Click here to fill the inquiry/ request for an appointment form.

Also you can liaise electronically with our staff members through following contacts, during usual working hours.  Appreciate if your emails are copied to the undersigned for necessary follow-up.

Contact Person



CEO/ Executive Secretary


071 055 1109

DCEO/ Deputy Executive Secretary


071 055 1196

Director Education


071 107 5793

Director Accreditation


071 427 0694

Manager Membership


071 022 9977

Manager Finance


071 107 5775

Manager Operations


071 055 1138

Manager Events (Techno)


071 107 5773

Manager Publicity & Library


071 109 4393

IT Administrator


071 107 5763

Please refer to the following link for more information on IESL staff contact details


In accordance with the government regulations and considering the safety of the IESL Members &  staff, IESL has implemented following safety protocols inside the IESL premises. We urge you to curtail your visits to the IESL headquarters and to make use of online services wherever possible.  In case if you have to visit the IESL premises, please follow the following protocols to the best of your ability.  

  • It is mandatory to wear a facemask to enter the premises.
  • Hand washing facilities with foot operated water taps and hand sanitizers are available at the main gate and several key locations within the premises. Make sure to use them when you enter the institution and leave it.
  • Your body temperature will be measured before entering the premises. Please corporate with the IESL staff doing this.
  • Spraying sanitizers and other mechanisms will be employed to avoid germs spreading through shoes.
  • Try to have less contact with surfaces (e.g. desks and tables) and objects (e.g. telephones, keyboards, teller machines, door handles and railings etc.)
  • Please use open doors as much as possible (eg. in non-air conditioned areas) – This will minimize the necessity to touch the door handles.
  • In air-conditioned areas – open the doors with your body by pushing them. Alternatively, it is advisable to use disposable tissues to hold door handles. After usage, immediately discard them. They will be made available near the doors.
  • Incoming visitors to the premises through the main entrance will be controlled up to a certain level to minimize the crowding.
  • Try to keep at least one-meter (1M) distance between the staff and fellow members while you are inside the premises.
  • If you happen to use your hand to press the buttons of the elevator, please clean your hands with Sanitizers placed near the elevator. It is recommended to use the staircase.  
  • Appreciate if you could leave the premises as soon as your work is done, to pave the way for other members to enter.

IESL has initiated those measures to ensure the safety of our Members and the staff. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Best regards,

Eng. Neil Abeysekera

Chief Executive Officer/ Executive Secretary

The Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka

11th May 2020