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Affiliate Member

3 years degree or Advanced diploma of IESL engineering course or any other qualification accepted by IESL.


Engineer in a recognized organization with not less than 10 years relevant experience.

Associate Member

BSc. engineering degrees of University of Peradeniya, Moratuwa or Ruhuna or IESL engineering examinations (part I and II of old syllabus or part I, II, and III of new syllabus) or B. Tech. Degree of Open University of Sri Lanka ( Entry year – 2003 onwards) or a full time four year engineering degree from a foreign university accredited under Washington Accord or Engineering Council Examinations of UK up to and including Post Graduate Diploma or Engineering degrees accredited by the IEI or the National Board of Accreditation of All India Council of Technical Education or Other qualifications assessed on a case by case basis by IESL


More than 35 years old and engaged in the practice of or associated with engineering.

Corporate Member

Corporate member category is also known as Chartered engineers which is the highest standard of professionalism. Associate members (AMIE) will be eligible to become corporate members (MIE) after successfully completing the Professional Review (PR) process, which will be discussed later in this document. The Corporate membership of fellow (FIE) is an internal transfer.


Fellow is the senior grade of professional membership and the final milestone in the hierarchical ladder of many a profession and engineering is no exception whether it is Civil, Mechanical, Electrical or any other allied field of engineering.

Honorary Fellow

Honorary Fellows shall be distinguished and eminent persons who accept the invitation of the IESL Council to this class of membership

Honorary Life Fellow

Class of Fellow (FIE) members those who reach the age 60 and completion of 40 years of membership.

Honorary Life Member

Class of Fellow (FIE) members those who reach the age 60 and completion of 40 years of membership.


Undergraduates of Engineering degree programs accepted by IESL.