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Life Long Learning - Do Yours with IESL CPD Courses

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the planned acquisition of knowledge, experiences, and personal qualities for proper execution of our professional and technical duties throughout our carrier. The IESL’s CPD program is a framework for this lifelong learning. CPD has become so relevant for an Engineer because

  1. Engineering knowledge today has a very short life
  2. Life-long Learning is needed to keep individual’s knowledge and skills up-to-date
  3. CPD programs provide an opportunity to update and engineer and learn new things and focus on areas relevant to his/her current needs
  4. It also gives an opportunity to an engineer to meet and interact with other engineers and other professionals with a common interest, and form networks with them, which will help in furthering ones professional career.
  5. It helps to cultivate the learning to learn ability, which is a very important skill in career advancement
  6. CPD is a requirement for obtaining the Charter and maintaining ones Professional Engineer (PEng) status. It will also be a requirement for maintaining Chartered Engineer (CEng) status too.
  7. When the engineers keep themselves updated with the current knowledge and advances in technology, as well as improve their communication and other soft skills, it leads to the improvement of the professional practices and elevation of the image of the engineer in society.

IESL CPD Courses

The Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka has been providing CPD programs for engineers and other professionals interested in their career and personal development over many years under the guidance and supervision of CPD committee.CPD Committee, which is one of the Standing Committees of the IESL is chaired by the Vice President. The programs are coordinated by the Education Division of the IESL secretariat.

The CPD programs are conducted mostly in the evenings and at weekends, so that the participants can attend the lectures and other activities without disrupting their normal duties. There are programs available in specific subject areas as well as important common topics such as management, communication skill development, Health and Safety, code of ethics etc.

The resource persons for CPD programs are carefully selected from the best available in the country, and the feedback from the participants is used to continually improve the programs over the years.

CPD courses are developed based on input from periodic surveys among members of IESL, industry trends and other directions from the CPD Committee. Members are encouraged to use the CPD FORUM FOR DISCUSSIONS to provide suggestions on new courses, feedback on ongoing courses and other ideas. The CPD Committee regularly checks on postings to learn and adjust.

Committee Chair Person : Eng. P W Sarath

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