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(1) Subscription Categories

  1. IESL Membership Fee
  2. ECSL Registration Fee
  3. International Professional Engineer Membership Fee (only for IntPE members)
  4. IESL Directory listing fee (only for members whose names are listed in Directories namely Structural Engineers, Building Services Engineers, Arbitrator & Adjudicator)

(2) Payment Methods

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 (3) Payment Structure

       a. IESL Subscription fee

        All payment amounts listed below are for membership continuation.

Subscription Type

Member category

Amount (Rs)

(1)   Membership


 7,245 (+ VAT)


 5,880 (+ VAT)

 Associate Member

 4,410 (+ VAT)

 Affiliate Member

 3,780 (+ VAT)


 3,780 (+ VAT)


 3,780 (+ VAT)



(2)   ECSL Registration

 Fellow/Member/Associate Member/

 Affiliate member only


(3)   International Professional Engineer 

 IntPE member

 3,000 (+ VAT)

(4)   Directory Listing

 Structural Engineer




 Building Service Engineer


Terms and Conditions:

  • A rebate of 10% will be offered for all members except for Students, who pay subscription fees for the current year on or before 31st January of the same.

     1.1 In respect of the membership subscription fees, a discount of 25% will apply to members other than Student Members who are above 60 years of age and who declare that their annual income is less than Rs. 600,000/-.
     1.2 Corporate Members/Fellows, Associates, and Companions who have 30 years of enrollment at IESL and are above 60 years will pay only 50% of subscription. Such a member is not entitled to the discount stated in 1.1

(b) ECSL Registration Fee

Relevant information on ECSL registration fee:

Engineering Council, Sri Lanka has been established by Engineering Council, Sri Lanka Act, No 4 of 2017 passed in the Parliament of The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. According to clause 14 of said act, no engineering practitioner shall engage in the practice of engineering profession unless such engineering practitioner is registered under ECSL. In order to register in the ECSL under one of the following Member categories, one has to be an active Member of the IESL and has paid annual subscriptions for the IESL membership and ECSL registration for the current year. Please note that IESL Members have to pay ECSL registration fee to the IESL by using any of the payment methods indicated under “Instructions for Payment” section below. Names of those Members will be sent to the ECSL by the IESL for registration.

  1. Chartered Engineer - Corporate Members of the IESL (Fellow and Member Categories of the IESL)
  2. Associate Engineer - Associate Members of the IESL
  3. Affiliate Engineer - Affiliate Members of the IESL
  • IESL will generate a separate invoice each year, for the ECSL annual registration payment.
  • Honorary Life Fellows (HLF) and Honorary Life Members (HLM) who are not required to pay IESL membership fee, will have to pay the ECSL registration fee if they actively practice as engineers.
  • IESL Members who are employed overseas or not practicing engineering in Sri Lanka may not need to register in ECSL. However, they should inform the same by an email addressed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Those who do not pay ECSL registration fee on or before 31st January of each year will be removed from the ECSL Registries (pls refer ECSL website: www.ecsl.lk ) and will appear in ECSL registries only upon such payments to IESL. Note that, only paying ECSL registration fee, one cannot register in ECSL.