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National Policy Forum


To discuss with Core Groups on Infrastructure Policies and Industrial Policies of the Government in connection with Economic Development of Sri Lanka

How it will Work:

Information gathered at the forum meetings will be used to prepare a letter to communicate with top government policy-making bodies highlighting the issues and the need for a solution.

At the same time, awareness will be created on the issues through articles published on the issues in newspapers.

Follow up Action:

The letters highlighting the issues will be sent to relevant policy-making bodies. The opportunity for a dialog may arise in response to the said letter and Core Group representatives will thereafter engage in dialogue with top-ranked officials. In case there was no response, the IESL Secretariat will request an appointment.

Follow up action would be continued to be maintained by regular cyclic updating of progress on base documents with the sense of knowledge management and accumulation; naming the documents as P1, P2, P3, etc., prepared on each topic taken up by the forum and circulating for comments and value addition among Core Members. The document will be used as continued support towards finding lasting solutions to the issues identified under each topic and has the potential to finally become a White Paper if major policy changes are to be suggested.


  • Water Supply and Sanitation
  • Power and Energy (Electricity and Petroleum)
  • Telecommunication / ICT
  • Roads, Railway and Transportation
  • Ports
  • Aviation
  • Irrigation and Water Resources Management etc.


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