Public Lectures & CPDs

Public Lectures

Water Forum Webinar :
Usage on Inland Water Bodies for Recreation

Resources Persons –
Plnr. H W Somaratne , Eng. Dr. H Manthritilake,
Eng. D Abeysiriwardena, Dr. Nihal Vitharana

Date : 2021-09-09

CESC Webinar:
Water Resources and Environmental Problems that Shaped Water Policies in the US Lessons for Sri Lanka

Resources Person – Eng. (Dr.) Wasantha Lal
Date : 2021-09-02

WEF Webinar:
Life Management of Professionals: Women Engineers

Resources Person – Ch. Qs. Prof.(Ms.) B A Kanchana Perera
Date : 2021-08-31

Water Forum Webinar:
Ancient Irrigation Technology and Modern Dam Monitoring

Resources Person –
Eng. S R K Aruppola
Date : 2021-08-30

BSESC Workshop:
Today and Tomorrow of Building Automation Systems: Local and Global Contexts

Resources Persons –
Mr. Philipp Wellmann/ Eng. M Shereef Ibrahim/ Eng. Sayuri Sumithraarachchi/ Eng. Indradeva Mendis
Date : 2021-08-16