As engineers we were benefitted by the free education system patronized by the citizens of this country. Hence it is our responsibility to give helping hand to blooming buds in our nation to brighten up their lives too. As leading professionals in our country, IESL Women Engineers’ Forum has realized that it is the responsibility and duty of us to support the students of rural schools who are going through a hard time to get their education with unbelievably limited resources.

WEF came up with an annual charity program called “Blooming Buds” in year 2018. We were able to support over 170 school children in year 2018 and over 110 school children in year 2019 in rural areas in the country with the kind donations of our IESL members and other well-wishers by donating them with stationaries, bags, shoes and other facilities needed by school.

Last year, Due to the prevailing situation due to Covid-19 pandemic, WEF identified that the sanitary facilities are essential in schools where many schools do not have sufficiently. WEF planned to provide sanitary facilities to schools with fewer facilities. Proposals were obtained from the Executive Committee members and the Advisory committee members of the WEF. After evaluating the proposals, following three schools were selected. Proposals and estimates were prepared for the three schools. The proposals were prioritised considering the beneficiary factor and implemented according to the receipt of contributions.

Priority order

Details of the school

Available facilities before the program

Planned / Implemented under Blooming Buds 3 program


Giridara Sribodhi Vidyalaya, Kapugoda, Dompe
(Mixed school with 338 students and 12 teachers)

3 male toilets and only one was functioning.


3 female toilets are used by girls and teachers. But, all are in poor quality.

1 male toilet, 1 teachers’ toilet, some urinals for the boys’ toilets and hand washing facility, lockable gate for teachers’ toilet
(Successfully completed)


Kuli/ L.B. Jayasena M.V, Horagasagaara,
(Mixed school with 270 students and 24 teachers)

4 toilets available for students but not in good condition. 01 toilet was available for teachers.

1 male toilet and 1 female toilet.
(Not completed yet)


Ch/SippikalanaVidyalaya, Mugunawatawana (Near Chilaw)
(Mixed school with
168 students and 16 teachers.)

2 toilets available with minimum facilities.

1 male toilet and 1 female toilet.
(Successfully completed)

With the generous support received from the kind hearted IESL members and Non-members as well, WEF could arrange the above facilities for the schools.

Eng. Jayantha Ranathunga & Dr. Rramya Ranathunga sponsored for the arrangement of facilities for the Giridara Sribodhi Vidyalaya, Kapugoda, Dompe. Eng. (Ms.) Nayana Wijegunawardana donated a 1000l water tank to the same school.

M/s Luxhman Metal Crushers and enterprise sponsored for the arrangement of facilities for the Ch/Sippikalana Vidyalaya, Mugunawatawana, Chilaw.

The sum of LKR 692,816.12 was received from the IESL membership for Blooming Buds 3 program and Rs. 97,905.75 was remained as balance from the Blooming Buds 2 program. WEF has planned to arrange above facilities for the Kuli/ L.B. Jayasena M.V, Horagasagaara, Hiruwalpola and it is in progress, though delayed due to Covid – 19 situation of the country.

Some photos from WEF visit to Giridara Sribodhi Vidyalaya, Kapugoda, Dompe

Some photos from WEF visit to Ch/Sippikalana Vidyalaya, Mugunawatawana, Chilaw

Some photos from WEF visit to Kuli/ L.B. Jayasena M.V, Horagasagaara, Hiruwalpola – Works in progress

Eng. Devika Abeysuriya, Chairperson of the WEF during the visit to Dompe school, stated that this annual charity event organized by the WEF of IESL could be done in such a grand scale due to the contributions and donations received from the IESL members and well-wishers. She further pointed out the importance of education in midst of all the difficulties as these students are a major part of the future of our country.

WEF wishes to convey a big Thank to the generous support received from the IESL members and the well-wishers. WEF will update the IESL members on the completion of the program.

Eng. (Mrs) Devika Abeysuriya
Chairperson 2021/2022 - Women Engineers Forum - IESL

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