President's Message

Eng. K. P. I. U. Dharmapala 

Dear Members of the Institution and Readers,

Engineering is one of the oldest professions in the world. Even though the word ‘Engineering’ was not necessarily used, every civilization that existed on planet earth was advanced with the help of engineering knowledge and wisdom. Sri Lanka is not second to any of the western or eastern civilizations that existed, has an outstanding civilization with engineering wonders.

Ancient cities of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa bear witness to the advanced engineering principles put into practice to solve complicated problems in irrigation, construction and so on. Even though we can only witness the remains of some of the greatest structures ever built in Sri Lanka, they have been acknowledged as engineering wonders around the world. Jethawanaramaya, the world's largest stupa from the ancient world, irrigation systems at Sigiriya, Yoda Ala are some of the universally well-known examples for such wonders. The engineering knowledge Sri Lankans had was remarkable and all of it was acquired by solving practical engineering problems.

As industrialization came in to picture the engineering and engineering practices too became influenced by western schools of thought. During the British colonization, western engineering principles and practices were introduced and taught to the natives. Technical colleges and universities established during this time promoted the western way of engineering and that has become our practice ever since.

After practising engineering for more than a century, there emerged a need to regulate the engineering practice in the country. Fulfilling this requirement the Engineering Council of Sri Lanka was established on 24th August 2018, in accordance with the provisions of the Engineering Council, Sri Lanka Act No 4 of 2017. On the 17th of September 2019, the office of the ECSL was formally opened for services with the attendance of his excellency the president and 17th September of each year was named as the Engineers’ Day in Sri Lanka from there onwards.

The establishment of ECSL is a milestone in the history of engineering in Sri Lanka. So as the naming of engineering day. The purpose of dedicating a day for engineering is to celebrate and appreciate the tremendous work done by engineers for the betterment of the county and society. Engineers engage in solving problems where engineering solutions can be applied. Today they are involved in not only the construction, transportation and irrigation but also in bio-medicine, nanotechnology, AI technology and many more advanced technologies which serve humankind in different capacities.

Also, during the COVID -19 situation in the country, engineers worked hand in hand with medical officers to fingt off this pandemic and bring safety and stability to the country. The work they have done is enormous and must be applauded.

While celebrating Engineers’ Day for the year 2021 I would like to thanks all the engineers for the sacrifices made to make the world a better place.

Eng. K. P. I. U. Dharmapala 

President (2020/ 2021)


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