IESL National Policy Forum :
National Policy on Engineering, Technology and Technical Education Sri Lanka (draft)


National Policy on Engineering, Technology, and Technical Education is an essential requirement for the country, and its absence created many national issues in the development arena. In the above content, IESL has drafted the policy document, which is attached herewith for your perusal. Please note that Annex-1 of this policy is under preparation. This draft policy is to be launched with the Line Ministry by following the official procedure, and we would like to engage the line Ministry after the Forum discussion.

As this is the draft policy, we have to engage with the stakeholders and reflect their comments in the draft policy document. Following the presentations of the draft policy, a constructive discussion was organized under National Policy Forum on 27th August 2021 from 5.00 pm.

Please find the following attached herewith

National Engineering Education Policy Draft

Annex 2 Annex 3