Migara Ranthunga Trust Awards 2021


The above awards are presented to engineering undergraduates of local universities for the industrial training they have undergone. The objective of the award scheme is to make the students more practically oriented and interested in industrial training and to make the university authorities place more emphasis on industrial training so that students are encouraged to take an active interest in the training they undergo.


  1. The total number of undergraduates to be evaluated by the IESL Selection Board will be decided based on the number of undergraduates of the last batch who underwent industrial training from each university and the marks they have obtained for their industrial training.
  2. The selected undergraduate will be required to give a 10- minute PowerPoint presentation of the industrial training undergone by him/her which will be followed by a 5-minute questioning session by the IESL Selection Board and the audience.
  3. Awards will be presented to the top eight undergraduates who have obtained 75 marks or more at the presentations and all others who obtain more than 65 marks will be presented with certificates.

Presentations for Migara Ranthunga Trust Awards was held on 13th August 2021from 9.30 AM. Around 60 undergraduates who went through industrial training presented their experience. The sessions were conducted online considering the current situation in the country.