Magicbit Goes International

By Eng. Anuruddha Tennakoon

Magicbit is a Sri Lankan Ed-Tech startup found by a group of engineers from University of Moratuwa. Magicbit innovations were well supported by IESL initiatives such as Techno exhibition to showcase to a national audience.

The signature product of the company is ‘Magicbit,’ a tiny computer which can be programmed to create different smart innovations with technologies like Internet of Things(IoT), robotics and electronics. Magicbit is fast to learn, easy to use and cost effectiveness to make technology more accessible and available to everyone.

As a step towards going global, Magicbit will be launching a global crowdfunding campaign through which is world’s largest crowdfunding platform. This is the first time a Sri Lankan technical innovation is going for such a reward based crowdfunding campaign. The Kickstarter campaign is themed as “Magicbit-Create Your first IoT Project in 10 minutes”.

This campaign reached massive success with huge response from supporters all over the world. The project was funded over 375% on Kickstarter raising over 18,000 USD bringing valuable foreign currency to Sri Lanka. This international campaign will progress until 30Th August.

Although it’s primarily made for students above age 8, anyone interested in innovation with technology can use Magicbit. Anyone can follow Magicbit on social media for updates and visit the website for more information.

Magicbit is recognized with many local and international awards and recently emerged as winners of Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC 2021) National level competition in Sri Lanka. All Sri Lankans can support this effort by sharing this crowdfunding campaign and check Magicbit on Kickstarter with below link.


Social media (Facebook/Youtube/ Linkedin/ Twitter/Instagram) : @magicbit0



Eng. Anuruddha Tennakoon
Co-founder Magicbit

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