Industry Collaboration Program for Farm Mechanization Under Agriculture and Plantation Engineering Sectional Committee

By Agriculture and Plantation Engineering Sectional Committee

Agriculture and Plantation Engineering Sectional committee has designed an Industry collaboration program for contributing Farm Mechanization drive-by bridging our engineer's creative design mind with the Industry business ideas. This effort will save a lot of foreign exchange due to the import of farm machinery, and one day our country will earn foreign exchange due to the export of these developed machinery.

One of our Sri Lankan company has developed the Tea Harvesting Machine as given in the YouTube link below:

Abilities of presently developed Machine: 

  • Single handed operational machine with reciprocating hair-clipper type blades.
  • Variable voltage controller for adjustable blade speeds.
  • The current machine operates on Lithium rechargeable batteries and can continue to operate for 4-5 hours on a single charge.

Intended development but not limited:

  • Possible weight reduction options for the complete unit.
  • Motor voltage alterations and battery-pack updates to increase the running duration on a single charge.
  • Most importantly, invent modifications to the existing unit to be able to selectively harvest while leaving majority of immature shoots intact.
  • Increase overall throughput.

The company is seeking to develop the machine further, and this is an excellent opportunity for you to contribute and join the Team. This assignment may be part-time inputs basis, and you could discuss your terms and conditions with the company.

Time to open your creative design mind and submit your proposal (Maximum one-page (A4) documents), 

Please forward your proposal on how this machine is further developed, along with your CV. We will deliver them to the company to evaluate and select the best individual or Team best fit for them.

Chairman and Members of the Agriculture and Plantation Engineering Sectional Committee.