Eng. E W Karunarathna awards 2021



The above award is presented to the best Undergraduate Project in Electrical Engineering for the year 2021.

The competition for the Best Undergraduate projects in Electrical Engineering award will be held across the entire university network, with the assistance of the engineering faculties therein.

Eligibility criteria are as follows.

  • Undergraduate student of an engineering faculty in Sri Lanka
  • Who has completed the final year project in Electrical Engineering?
  • Must obtained 65 or above marks for the project

Those who satisfy the above criteria can apply for the competition.


Universities are requested to send following details of undergraduates who have completed the undergraduate project and scored 65 or above in electrical engineering for the year.

  • Names, E-mails(personal), Telephone Mobile, Residence contact numbers of the students
  • Title of the project
  • Marking scheme adopted to select the best paper.
  • Name of the project supervisor
  • Copy of the project report.

Students will be asked to present their project to a panel of 3 experts in the field of electrical engineering.

Power point (similar presentation software) presentation should be made and each student is given 15 minutes to present their projects and thereafter will be a Q&A by the panel members for 5 minutes.

Eng. E W Karunarathna awards 2021 was held on 12th August 2021 from 9.00 AM via online due to the prevailing condition in the country. Around 30 projects were presented by university undergraduates.