The Official E-Newsletter of the Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka   |  Issue 51 - February 2021

“Drive Smart, Save lives” Program by CESC of the IESL


In a moment when center of attention is taken by Covid 19 global pandemic, as professionals in the field, Civil Engineering Sectional Committee (CESC) of the Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka (IESL) has planned to launch an awareness program “Drive Smart, Save lives” regarding road accidents to the general public and also to the Engineers.

As per the statistics, in 2019, a total of 30,433 motor accidents were reported, claiming the lives of 2839 people. In fact, road accidents are within the top 10 most contributing cause of total deaths in Sri Lanka. There are many contributing factors to the occurrence of such incidents. Recklessness of drivers, lack of knowledge, fatigue or stress, human errors, road conditions, poor health and lack of driving experience are few contributing factors among many possible root causes. With accident related data it is conclusive that vehicle accidents are resulted in affecting human lives and economy in significant manner. As a conclusion, it is imperative to take necessary actions to avoid such incidents as much as possible. CESC has intended to conduct the program in different stages by following various strategies to enhance the knowledge, discipline of the general public. In addition, more importantly, CESC is engaged in increasing engineers’ contribution to reduce accidents by identifying root causes and providing engineering solutions.

In order to commence the “Drive Smart, Save lives” program, CESC has decided to distribute an informative flyer and windscreen sticker among general public as the first step of the said program at the Kottawa Expressway interchange. In addition, a brief discussion will be held on with the presence of experts in the field at the event location. Furthermore, as the 2nd event of the program, a panel discussion will be conducted at the beginning of the next month. Both events will be recorded and broadcasted later via EVENT TV. In addition, panel discussion will be broadcasted as a live event via IESL YOU TUBE channel.

Details related to the events are indicated below.
Date – 14th February 2021
Time - 8.30 am to 11.30am

Venue – Kottawa Expressway Interchange.