1. The National Insurance Trust Fund (NITF) Insurance Scheme for IESL Members was initiated from 2012 to benefit a family unit of IESL members.  The age limit extends up to 85 years. This age limit up to 85 years has not been provided by any other Insurance company in Sri Lanka. Their normal covers are not given when the age exceeds 60 years. Those over 60 years and those approaching 60 years are encouraged to join this scheme.

    No medical test is imposed when a member wishes to join the NITF Insurance Scheme.

  2. The Scheme covers Hospitalization only in a private hospital for 10 days but does not permit outdoor treatment.
  3. The premium assured covers 6 options from Rs 150,000/- to Rs 1,000, 000/-  and the member could choose any one of the options. The premium  payment payable   by the members, varies  for a family member or individuals for ages ranging from  18-45 , 46 to 65,  66 to70,  71 to 75,   76 to 80 and 80 to 85 years      (Payments are lowest for the 18 –45 age group and increases  gradually  as the age limit increases).

Whatever option the member selects, entitles him/her additionally to the following benefits.

  1. Listed Critical Illnesses up to Rs 500,000/- for both member and spouse.
  2. If warded in a Government Hospital or Government Ayurveda Hospital, an allowance of Rs 500/- per    day up to a maximum of 10 days.
  3.   Eye operations for members only up to Rs 25,000/- which includes lenses.
  4. Spectacles for Members Only once in 3 years up to Rs 7,500/-
  5. Child birth for two children only ---Private Hospital –Caesarian Rs 40,000/- Normal Child birth Rs 20,000/-
  6. Deaths only for Members – Natural Rs 15,000/-   ---- Accident Rs 150,000/-
  7. Personal Accidents for members only-----Varies from Rs2, 250/- to Rs 150,000/- dependent on the listed conditions.
  1. The NITF premium payments should be paid to IESL on or before 28th February 2021. The premium charged will be dependent on the number of members joining the scheme.
  2. Unlike other medical insurance schemes the NITF does not have the usual conditions that cause delays in processing and reductions in the amounts approved for payment.
  3. For further information if necessary please contact:--

Eng. (PP) B.R.O. Fernando on or mobile No 077-7637 333


Eng. (PP) Chula De Silva on or mobile No 077-7684450

  1. Kindly click the link (link) to register with IESL to receive further details.  

Wishing you a healthy future with NITF!!

President IESL


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