Engineering Entrepreneurship Challengers in Covid - 19

By Eng. Jasmine Nanayakkara

COVID-19 has slowed economic growth, increased unemployment, and raised poverty and hunger. It has been damaging for many of the people and prosperity-related SDGs, it has had some positive impact on planet-related SDGs.


As Engineering Entrepreneurs, it is also our responsibility to look ahead and assess how the pandemic and the global recovery from it will impact the future of sustainable development. Taking the challenge in 2021, we have initiated sustainable life solutions and support the country to enhance people and prosperity-related SDGs as well as planet-related SDGs.


Since 2019, we have determined to innovate a business model to provide sustainable life solutions. As a result, REAL LIFE was pitched at the Engineering Entrepreneurship Boot-camp in 2018. The Engineering Entrepreneurship Boot-camp was established and conducted by the Entrepreneurship Forum of the Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka.

Later, Real Life startup was established as a social Enterprise and co-created with a network of ambassadors, entrepreneurs, consultants and volunteers.

The REAL LIFE provides Life coaching, capacity development and promotes a sustainable lifestyle with organic & eco friendly products and life solutions in Sri Lanka. Our mission is to change the mindset & lifestyle of people by creating human values through our stereotyped life coaching programs to enhance mindfulness, strong relationships, loving family, happier lifestyle and sustainable future. This attempt will make a positive impact on individuals, families and children to have a happy family while strengthening their relationships.

Our aim is to build the nation with new generation, having a good family bond, protection and a happier and healthier lifestyle with their families towards a sustainable future.


  1. Sustainable food solutions

Organic fresh produce/ Value-added products/Organic gardening

We have determined the basic needs of the citizens in the country and support their livelihood to adopt a sustainable food model by growing their own fruits and vegetables in a home garden or as in community gardening in common land areas. We initiated urban organic gardening at the Millennium city, Kotugoda, Sri Lanka.

Moreover, we encourage paddy farmers and home gardeners to use organic cultivation practice and enable poison free harvest. We conduct free training sessions, online programs to educate the community towards a self-sustainable lifestyle with homegrown fruits and vegetables for day to day food needs.

  1. Sustainable health and wellness

Organic food and herbs, Mental health, Physical fitness & wellness

Our first core value of the REAL LIFE is Mindfulness, where we concern the mental health and mindful activities in day to day life is more important. We promote a sustainable lifestyle with mindful activities and physical fitness with good exercise, healthy food habits through our online edutainment programs and community outreach programs.

  1. Sustainable lifestyle & events

Lifestyle sustainable products and services, events and wedding planning and services

We promotes eco-friendly and up-cycled products for the day to day lifestyle while supporting corporate events and programs to organize green theme and sustainable award ceremonies/ get-to gathers and employee day outs.

Furthermore, we support families/ individuals to celebrate their life moments such as graduation ceremonies/ family events/ birthdays and anniversary celebrations.

For 2021, we have introduced sustainable wedding solutions for wedding planning with life coaching to have a happier and sustainable lifestyle with strengthening family relationships. This entire solution has a sustainable budget strategy to control pre-determined wedding budgets and utilize innovative ideas, natural resources/ locations and organic catering and many freer/reasonable services to green theme weddings.

We have Sustainable Wedding Planning KIT (SWPKIT) for our first 100 clients in January to March with a 10% discount and free gifts from services providers when clients sign up - to the 'Green Wedding' page.

  1. Sustainable education and lifelong learning

The REAL LIFE TV YouTube channel, Real Life Sri Lanka Documentary channel

The Real Life is continuously sharing free edutainment programs with life coaching , awareness sessions, workshops and lifelong learning online activities based on its core values of mindfulness, strong relationships, loving family, happier lifestyle and sustainable future.

The Real Life has a comprehensive curriculum from toddler to a senior citizen of the country understanding their needs and mindset change. We deliver the programs based on 1-1 request and group request based on community demand. Thus, Real Life promotes lifelong learning experiences and life lessons to adopt a meaningful life through social media and community outreach programs.

  1. Sustainable career development and entrepreneurship

Social Media, REAL LIFE TV YouTube channel, Real Life Sri Lanka Documentary channel

We conduct an annual 'Knowledge Forum - Inspire Yourself' to share more knowledge and experience of sustainable living practices and career opportunities towards entrepreneurship.

In 2020, due to this knowledge forum was online due to wavecovid-19 and many live-stream programs were shared in social media networks. Thus, we support and empower youth, women and individuals for their career development for entrepreneurship through internships and training opportunities.

Besides, we have a creative entrepreneurship program for school leavers and outpatients of cancer to upgrade their mindset and direct them to be financially independent through a social subsidiary system.

We invite change makers who wish to volunteer and support our projects and community outreach programs to empower youth and people in need of Real Life sustainable life solutions.

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REAL LIFE Sri Lanka - Documentary Channel

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Eng. Jasmine Nanayakkara

Founder, Real Life
Chairperson, Entrepreneurship Forum, IESL 2020/2021





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