The Official E-Newsletter of the Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka   |  Issue 47 - April / May 2020

Building Services Engineering Sectional Committee (BSESC) of IESL volunteered to contribute in providing the engineering inputs to the national guideline titled ‘INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELECTED PUBLIC ACTIVITIES/WORK SETTINGS FOR THE PREVENTION AND CONTROL OF COVID- 19’, published on 28th May 2020 jointly by the Ministry of Health and Indigenous Medical Services (MoHIM), World Health Organization (WHO), Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) and Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte Municipal Council (SJKMC). 
The links to the different versions of the guidelines are given below.

Advocacy Brief: Resumption of Public Activities During Gradual Exit from Existing Restrictions for COVID-19 in Sri Lanka >> elfinder/files/feturesArtical/2020/46/ Advocacy brief_Final_28052020-compressed.pdf

Instructions for Selected Public Activities/ Work Settings for the Prevention and Control of COVID-19 >> elfinder/files/feturesArtical/2020/46/ Annexure II_Final_28052020_compressed.pdf

There are 46 members in the list of contributors to this national guideline in which there are only 5 non-medical/ health sector professional. Among that 5 non-medical/ health service professionals, it is to be noted that the 4 names out of that 5 are the names of IESL BSESC members.

Extract from the page (vi) of the document

Now BSESC in the process of developing a separate annexure for the same guideline on the MVAC & other building services related aspects related to the different work settings as per the request made my Dr. Susie Perera (Deputy Director General – Public Health Services).