Letter to Editor

Dear President and Editor

This is in reference to the write up presented by the President Eng. Prof. T.M. Pallewatte under the heading “ President’s Corner”.
I wish to draw your attention to the continuation of this write up which appears in the second page of SLEN.
You have missed some vital information regarding the birth of University of Moratuwa, and there by will give disillusioned picture of the  sequence of higher educational institutes that trained graduate engineers especially after 1966.

  1. Institute of Practical technology (IPTK) that was established at Katubedda  Moratuwa was converted to Ceylon College of Technology (CCT) in 1966. The first batch of  the intake to follow the Diploma in Technology which was equivalent to the Engineering Degree was admitted in 1966 to CCT. This course was 05 years in duration and the first intake was 70students

  2. There were continuous intakes  from 1966 up to 1971, when the University of Srilanka Act of 1971 or 1972 made it one of the  06 campuses of the integrated University of Srilanka. It was then the University of Srilanka Katubedda campus

  3. All those who passed out from 1971 have been awarded the BSc  Eng degree .

  4. In 1978 with the new university Act, each campus was given autonomous status and  as such it was re named University of Moratuwa.

I shall be very pleased if you may take action in the next SLEN itself to  give necessary publicity by correcting this misinformation.

Prof Lakshman Ratnayake and self have been pioneers of the Moratuwa University and are aware of the sequential developments that took place.  Hence I am extending copy of this e mail to Prof. Ratnayake as well, and other Senior Professors  University of Moratuwa  who subsequently became it Vice Chancellors ,  so that they too could enlighten both of you on this matter.

Please note that this request is made in the interest of the engineering community to put the records straight.


 Best regards,
 Past President (Eng) Priyal de Silva


 The Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka, 120/15 Wijerama Mawatha, Colombo 00700