People Skills [PS]

Think about the skill which Sri Lankans do not consider to be an  important in their lives. People Skills (PS), being such, are the styles of human behaviour and behavioural interactions of people around us regardless of the distance between them. Three major abilities are under the umbrella of PS.

                1.      Personal effectiveness

                2.      Interaction skills

               3.      Intercession skills.

 Eng. Jayasena Koralage

This is a specialized concerned of exploration about how individuals behave and how they are perceived irrespective of their thinking and feelings. We can further elaborate this as dynamics between personal ecology (cognitive, affective, physical and spiritual dimensions) and its function with other groups of people's personality styles in numerous environments (life events, institutions, different life challenge  ...etc.)  The  PS, at its basics, is the ability to communicate effectively with people in a friendly way, especially in different business or personal settings.  In business, it is a connection among people at a humane level to achieve different business processes outcomes.

Different authors have described PS as critical in different work environment settings. According to the Portland Business Journal PS is

"Ability to effectively communicate understands, and empathizes"

"Ability to interact with others respectfully and develop a productive working relationship to minimize conflict and maximize rapport"

"Ability to build sincerity and trust; moderate behaviours, for example, less impulsive and enhance agreeableness"

Most successful people practice PS. Especially; professionals coming from different social backgrounds have good practices in PS. If you study carefully, prominent people such as Barack Obama, Condoleezza Rice, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg,  Lee Kuan Yew, Nelson Mandela, Kofi Annan, Jim Yong Kim,  Einstein and even young boy Tanmay Bakshi and Kisuue Gomas (sri Lankan) are close to people than any other public figures in their lives.

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Eng. Jayasena Koralage

"BSc (Mech UoM), PGD (Ergonomics Uo Lulia, Sweden) MSc (HRM Uo Colombo).   Former Director and Director General of Vocational Training Authority, Ex Project Director for Kumbukkan Oya Reservoir Project in Irrigation Department. Currently, he works at Greater Colombo Wastewater Management Project as the Training Engineer for Institutial Strengthening and Capacity Building. He is a PhD candidate at  Sabaragamuwa University. His   dissertation is  traditional social values system in Water Resources Management in   Dry Zone of Sri Lanka,  that  is most relavant for meeting MDG goals in 2030."

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