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Final Notice for payment of IESL Subscription-2020 & Reminder for ECSL Registration fee - 2020

2020-11-03 09:29:34


November 02, 2020                                                                                                                                                                    


Dear Member,

Final Notice for payment of IESL Subscription-2020 & Reminder for ECSL Registration fee - 2020

 This notice is meant for Members those who have not paid IESL annual membership fee-2020 and/or ECSL Registration fee 2020.

According to IESL By-law 37 (pls refer note 1), unless we receive the IESL Membership fee 2020 on or before  November 30, 2020, we will be reluctantly compelled to take your name off from the roll of members with effect from December 01, 2020. However, the Council has extended the deadline until 31st December 2020 for IESL membership subscription 2020, due to the prevailing situation in the country.

Further, according to Engineering Council Sri Lanka (ECSL) Act (pls refer note 2 below), it is a mandatory requirement to register in ECSL if someone is practicing as an engineering practitioner. We therefore inform you to settle the due payments at your earliest by using a convenient payment mode as indicated below.

If you need any clarifications in this regard, please contact Mr. Praneeth Costa via email at praneeth@iesl.lk (with a copy to mgr.fin@iesl.lk).

Whilst thanking you for the support and corporation extended to us all these years, we trust that you will continue to maintain your membership with the Institution by paying the due amount on time.

Thanking You.

Yours faithfully,

The Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka

Eng. Neil Abeysekara

CEO/Executive Secretary


Note 1:

By-Law 37 of the Institution states as follows:

Annual subscriptions are due on 1st January of each year for the year then commencing.  If subscriptions are not paid by 31st October of an year, names of such members shall be removed from the Roll of members, after giving a period of one month’s notice, by letter sent by Registered Post.

The acceptance of annual subscriptions from a person who has ceased to be a member shall not create any presumption as to membership of the Institution.  Re-instatement shall be in accordance with By-law 42.


Note 2:

  1. Engineering Council, Sri Lanka has been established by Engineering Council, Sri Lanka Act, No 4 of 2017 passed in the Parliament of The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. According to clause 14 of said act, no engineering practitioner shall engage in the practice of engineering profession unless such engineering practitioner is registered under ECSL. In order to register in the ECSL under one of the following Member categories, one has to be an active Member of the IESL and has paid annual subscriptions for the IESL and ECSL membership for the current year. Please note that IESL Members have to pay ECSL registration fee to the IESL.  Names of those Members will be sent to the ECSL by the IESL for registration.
  1. a) Chartered Engineer - Corporate Members of the IESL (Fellow and Member Categories of the IESL)
  2. b) Associate Engineer - Associate Members of the IESL
  3. c) Affiliate Engineer - Affiliate Members of the IESL


  1. Honorary Life Fellows (HLF) and Honorary Life Members (HLM) who are not required to pay IESL membership fee, will have to pay the ECSL registration fee if they intend to actively practice as engineers.



Please note that only payment modes (a), (b) and (c) mentioned below are now available until the quarantine curfew imposed by the government in the Western Province is over.

  1. Online payment (highly recommended), by using the IESL MIS system which is the easiest and simplest way. Please click the link,



  1. On line banking to the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka Account No: 0002323113 maintained at the Torrington Square Branch of the Bank of Ceylon. The confirmation of payment received from the bank has to be sent via email to praneeth@iesl.lk  indicating  your membership number and full name.


  1. Cash payments made directly at any branch of Bank of Ceylon to the Account No. 002323113 of the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka maintained at the Torrington Square Branch of the Bank of Ceylon using the special payment slip available at the bank. A scanned copy of the slip has to be sent via email to praneeth@iesl.lk indicating your membership no and full name.


Following payment modes are not available  due to the prevailing quarantine curfew in the Western Province


  1. Cheques drawn in favor of ‘’The Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka” and posted to us along with your membership no and full name.


  1. Cash/Cheque /Credit Card/Debit card payments made in person during normal working hours at IESL Headquarters, Wijerama Mawatha, Colombo 7.