Member Consultation: 'Agriculture and Rural Development Engineering' Elective Module for Final Year Engineering Undergraduates.


In Sri Lanka, the percentage employed in the agriculture sector is 25.3 % while contributing only 7 % to the GDP (CBSL report 2020). Despite many factors for the above situation, it also urges the requirement of agriculture and rural development engineering modules for final year students to contribute to the economic and social development of the country.

It can also be noted that the administrative staff like Government Agents and Divisional Secretaries are giving leadership in rural development context by having administrative knowledge. In that context, there will be an excellent opportunity in the future for some of these graduates to take such leadership positions, having taught the subjects offered under this proposed elective module. IESL shall consult the government to open up opportunities for the engineers.

The country needs such a graduate who can manage rural development context with a broader perspective having tempered in engineering and management mind in the design, implementation, operation, maintenance of

  • Technology input needs in the agriculture value chain
  • Rural infrastructure such as farm roads, rural markets, irrigation systems, etc.

As the agriculture and Plantation sectional committee of IESL has developed the draft elective module for final-year students, your valuable thoughts/comments for creating such an elective module for final-year students are appreciated. The draft elective module is attached herewith for your perusal.

Please send your thoughts/ suggestions to dir.pub@iesl.lk.

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