The Official E-Newsletter of the Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka   |  Issue 53 - April 2021

Provincial Chapter Meeting at Kurunegala


IESL is of the opinion that provincial chapters can contribute a lot to the communities they are located at. Therefore, for the first time since the establishment of the provincial chapters, IESL has decided to conduct provincial chapter meetings at provincial levels. The first meeting was held at Wayamba Chapter on 13th March 2021.

The meeting was organized by the IESL wayamba chapter members. It was held at Kandyan Reach Hotel, Kandy Road, Kurunegala.

IESL Chapters

Provincial Chapters have been set up in the provinces for the benefit of members residing outstations. These Chapters are required to engage in learned society activities and for this purpose they will arrange Meetings, Continuing Professional Development Programmes Seminars, Discussions, Visits and the like. They are also required to promote membership drives in their respective Provinces and can arrange to collect the subscription fees of the members according to rules set up by the Council. The Provincial Chapters can also set up District Centres in their respective Provinces with a view to decentralizing their activities.

IESL currently have not only local Chapters but also overseas chapters as well. IESL network of chapters include

Local Chapters

  1. Vadakkin Chapter - Northern Province
    1. Vauniya District Centre
    2. Kilinochchhi District Centre
    3. Mulathiu Cistrict cCentre
  1. Rajarata Chapter - North Central Province
  2. Wayamba Chapter - North Western Province
    1. Puttalam District Centre
  1. Eastern Chapter - Eastern Province
    1. Batticalo District Centre
    2. Ampara District Centre
    3. Trincomalie District Centre
  1. Kandurata Chapter - Central Province
    1. Kegalla District Centre
  1. Uva Chapter - Uva Province
  2. Sabaragamuwa Chapter - Sabaragamuwa Province
  3. Ruhuna Chapter - Southern Province

Foreign Chapters

  1. Western Australia Chapter
  2. New South Wales Chapter 
  3. Queensland Chapter
  4. New Zealand Chapter
  5. Qatar Chapter

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