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    The Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka (IESL) is planning to execute identified improvements to its Secretariat premises and Street Frontage at Vidya Mawatha, Colombo 07 in order to provide better facilities to the membership and also to reflect the future oriented modern outlook of the engineering profession in Sri Lanka.

    In order to meet the objectives, IESL is intending to engage the members/ interested parties for this exercise and provide the first opportunity to submit  their expected schematic visuals of the futuristic physical environments of the premises.


             I.    Improvements to front façade of the existing building complex.

    This  shall comprise the improvements to reflect the future oriented modern outlook without major structural changes and improve the parking facilities. pictures of existing front façade are attached for more information. 

           II.    Improvements & Expansion to the Wimalasurendra Auditorium

    This shall comprise the architectural & technical improvements to the Wimalasurendra Auditorium along with entire second floor for the optimum utilization with novel technology. Specially, a main auditorium, a refreshment area, a control room, lobby & reception area, stage, etc.. shall be included in the layouts.


    General Information:

             I.    Name:

           II.    Details of IESL membership (if you are a member of IESL):

          III.    Name of Organization submitting the proposal:

         IV.    Official Address:

           V.    Contact numbers:

         VI.    Email Address:

    Technical Information:

        VII.    Name of Team members and their experience in similar nature of work:

      VIII.    Details of Organization’s previous experience in  similar nature of work:


    The management of the proposal selection process, evaluation and implementation of the project, shall be under the guidance and direction of IESL.


    The submitted proposals will be assessed by a committee to be appointed by the IESL. The decision of the IESL shall be final in selecting the most suitable proposal.


    Technical Proposals:

    The technical proposals shall be submitted in electronic form – written documents in A4 PDF and drawings in A3 AutoCAD converted to PDF or clear hand sketch.

    Fee Proposals:

    Applicant shall submit their fee proposal for above two scopes of work separately on separate envelop.



    Once a proposal is selected for implementation, the submitting member will be duly acknowledged. However, the Council of the IESL reserves the right to implement the proposals as and when it is most appropriate for the objectives of the IESL.

    The proposals with relevant information shall be sent by registered post or by hand to CEO/Executive Secretary-IESL on or before 15 March 2017.

    CEO/Executive Secretary

    Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka

    120/15, Wijerama Mawatha,

    Colombo 7.          

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    Deadline for Abstracts submissions extended up to 27th March 2017

    111th Annual Sessions

    The Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka


    Call for Papers

    Technical papers are invited under the following categories:

    ·  Engineering theory/research (academic) oriented technical papers,

    ·  Technical papers based on Engineering practice/design /projects/ techniques.

    The paper should be of value and interest to Engineers and aimed at making a contribution to the advancement of the Profession of Engineering. It must be based on review of past practice, information of current interest, or probing into new fields of engineering activity. It should be a presentation of thought provoking study contributing to planning, analysis, design, construction, fabrication, production, management or maintenance of Engineering works. In this context, practical papers are strongly encouraged. Wherever possible, theoretical papers should include a section on practical application or additional research areas to be pursued for effective technology transfer.

    Submission of Papers:

    Intention of submitting paper should be conveyed to the IESL with an abstract of the proposed paper. The abstract, not exceeding 300 words in English, together with details of the author/(s) can be submitted in electronic format at the

    URL  with a copy (MSWORD) to

    Instructions to authors and format for full technical papers could be viewed at -

    Schedule of Key Dates

    Last date for receipt of abstracts                                   - Extended up to 27th March 2017

    Notification of acceptance                                              - 10th April 2017

    Last date for submission of full paper                        - 22nd May 2017

    Proposed dates for Technical                                        - 23rd to 24th  October 2017

    Paper presentation at the Annual Sessions             

    Best Paper Award

    Best paper based on the marks given by referees and judges at the presentation, will be entitled to the prestigious Prof. E.O.E. Pereira Award. Further rewards, worth CPD hours of Rs. 10,000/=, will be offered to authors of selected papers by the IESL apart from the main awards.

    Mailing Address

    All correspondence besides submissions in electronic format through URL  should be addressed to:

    Eng.  (Dr.) Jagath Manatunge                                    Tel:  011-2698426 Ext. 232, 207   

    Editor, Technical Papers for Annual Sessions,          Fax: 011-2699202

    The Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka,                     Email:

    120/15, Wijerama Mawatha,                              

    Colombo 7.                                                                        website :
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    Pioneered by the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka in 1985, the Junior Inventor of the Year (JIY) competition promotes creativity and ingenuity among school children.

    Children in the age group 12 to 19 years from schools all over Sri Lanka participate, initially in preliminary competitions held at the provincial level, and proceed to the final JIY competition held at the IESL Headquarters in Colombo

    The top ten inventions at this competition together with the ten finalists of the Science Research Project Competition of the NSF then compete at the Sri Lanka Science and Engineering Fair (SLSEF), held under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, and Sri Lanka branch of the Intel Corporation, USA.

    Winners at the SLSEF have the opportunity to be selected to proceed to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF) held in US in May of each year.

    For Applications and Regulation Click Here

    Web –

    E mail –,

    Tel – Dayan – 071 8735338, Maduranga – 071 3535329

    Fax – 011 2 699202

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    Draft Bill on Chamber of Construction Industry of Sri Lanka (Incorporation) –Ministry invites observations before sending for legal draftsman observation.


    The Ministry of Housing & Construction  by its letter dated 04/01/2017 to the IESL has invited  our observations on the above Bill which has been gazette on 15th November 2016 and presented by the Hon. (Prof.) Ashu Marasinghe M.P. for Colombo District on 30th November 2016.


    Draft Bill (English)

    Draft Bill (Sinhala)


    CEO / Executive Secretary

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    We are in the process of accepting Professional Review applications in FOUR batches in each year and the deadline for each batch in year 2017 is follows.

    16th January 2017 - for February/ March PR batch
    30th April 2017 - for May/ June PR batch
    15th July 2017 - for August/ September PR batch
    31st October 2017- for November/ December PR batch

    The dates mentioned above are only the final dates by which you need to submit your application if it is to be considered for processing under that particular batch. However for your own benefit you are advised to submit your application as early as possible without waiting till the last date.

    You are required to submit 03 sets of normal files containing mentioned documents arranged in the order from 1 to 11 as shown in the PR Check List (linked document) one file should contain the original application, original Log Book, and Experience Report, and the other two should contain copies of the same.

    You are also required to submit hard copies of Confidential Reports (linked document) which have to be duly filled by the proposers and sent to the IESL in sealed envelopes.
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    The IESL has appointed a special committee to look into the subject matter and during its session held on 30/11/2016, it was decided to obtain suggestions and recommendations of IESL members with regard to the same. A brief description about the background and associated documents/links to be referred are as follows.

    The Procurement Commission requested suggestions and recommendations on upgrading the existing procurement guidelines. After compiling the suggestions and recommendations of members, the IESL will send a report to the Secretary General, Procurement Commission, Block No: 02, Room No: 2/211, Bandaranayaka Memorial International Conference Hall, Colombo 07.

    It is very essential to give the feedback on procurement guidelines in order to achieve National procurement objectives listed below.

    1.       Maximizing economy, timeliness and quality in procurement resulting in least cost together with the highest quality.

    2.       Adhering to prescribed standards, Specifications, rules, regulations and good governance

    3.       Providing fair, equal and maximum opportunity for eligible and interested parties to participate in procurement process.

    4.       Expeditious execution of works and delivery of goods and services.

    5.       Compliance with local laws and regulations and international obligations

    6.       Ensuring transparency and consistency in the evaluation and selection procedure

    7.       Retaining confidentially of information provided by bidders

      References and associated links:          

    • A copy of letter No: NPC/ CIRCU/ 2016/ 01/ 02 dated 30.08.2016 sent by Secretary General, National Procurement Commission on the above subject (Annex 01)
    • Relevant paragraph of 19th amendment of the constitution, Chapter XIX B to National Establish Procurement Commission (Annex 02)
    • Procurement Guidelines of some of the countries
    • - Public Procurement - Cyprus
      - Best Practice Guide for Public Bodies – ICAC NSW Australia
      - Mission, Vision strategic goals and objectives – Dept. of Commerce, USA
      - Procurement policy -Jamaica
      - Public Procurement  Bill , 2015 - India
      - Public Procurement Act. 2003 (ACT 663)
      - Public procurement regulation introduction – Netherlands, Nottingham
      - UNCITRAL Model Law on Public Procurement – UK (Annex 03)

    • Principles of Government Procurement - New Zealand (Annex 04)

    You may send your suggestions and recommendations to IESL secretariat via  with a copy to Eng. P. H. Sarath Gamini on or in order to prepare a comprehensive feedback to National procurement commission.

    Thanking you

    IESL Secretariat


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