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  • 28 Aug 2015 6:20 PM | IESL (Administrator)




  • 14 Aug 2015 6:21 PM | Membership Dep (Administrator)
    Please note that the Engineer in society section “B” Paper Examination will be held on Sunday – 06th September 2015 at 9.00am at the Colombo(the main center) and at the provincial centers.

    Provincial Center Contact Person Venue  List 
     Western Province  Membership Division
     Ext: 231
     University of Colombo, Faculty of Law, No. 94,
     Cumaratunga Munidasa Mawatha, Colombo 03
     Central Province  Eng. (Ms.) W  Illangasinghe
     Drawing Office No.1, Engineering Faculty,
     University of Paradeniya, Peradeniya
     Northern Province  Eng. S S Sivakumar
     Killinochchi Maha Vidyalaya,
     Wilson Road, Killinochchi
     North Western  Province  Eng. W S S Piyasinghe
     Nishshanka Vidyalaya, South Circular Road
     (U B Wanninayake Mawatha)Kurunagala
     North Central  Province  Eng. Singharatne  Bandara
     Technical College, Vidyala Mawatha, New Town,
     Anuradhapura adjoining Walisinghe Harishchandra  Vidyalaya
     Southern Province  Eng. L S  Sooriyabandara
     Examination Hall 01, Engineering Faculty,
     University of Ruhuna, Hapugala, Galle
     Eastern Province  Eng. S Thilagarajah
     Office of the Deputy Director Irrigation,
     Provincial Irrigation Department, Yard Road, Batticaloa
     Sabaragamuwa  Province  Eng. D A Pragash
     Room number 05, College of Technology, Palm Garden,  Rathnapura   List
     Uva Province  Eng. R M S K  Rathnayake
     Uva Wellassa University, (A2 Building),
     Passara Road, Badulla

    All candidates registered to sit for the “B” Paper Examination should be present at their respective examination halls on Sunday 06th September 2015 latest by 8.30am.

    Candidates are permitted to take only the under mentioned items to the examination hall.
    • A calculator
    • A dictionary (To be checked and allowed by the supervisor)
    Your National Identity Card should be produced at the entrance to the examination hall.
  • 12 Aug 2015 10:23 AM | IESL (Administrator)

    A Special Route for engineers with more than twenty (20) years experience after graduation and holding high / senior managerial positions to become Corporate Members of IESL


    1.      The special route is explicitly for those senior engineers with the necessary academic qualifications, training and responsible experience required by the Professional Review Rules who have not been able to obtain Corporate Membership of the IESL and those who are holding senior managerial positions in the state sectors, private sectors and academia.

    2.      The following category of Engineers will be eligible to apply for Corporate Membership under this proposed Route (Eligibility to apply for Corporate Membership under the proposed Route ):

         a.      Engineers holding high positions in engineering and/or management in State or Private Sector organizations

         b.      Engineers who have played a significant role in the development or delivery of engineering education and training

         c.      Engineers in Academia who have gained recognition through research at international or national levels

         d.      Engineers who through their work with public or voluntary bodies have effectively demonstrated their contribution and value to society as Engineers.

    3.      This special route initially will be in force for a period of 12 months with effect from 4th June 2015. This Scheme will be open only to those with a minimum of twenty (20) years of demonstrable experience after graduation.

    4.      The successful applicant must demonstrate all of the Essential qualities, and at least two of the Desirable qualities in the Report and at the Interview. Applicants will be asked to provide evidence of the following qualities:


                 E1: A position of senior responsibility and/or significant autonomy in their field

                 E2: Demonstrable leadership qualities

                 E3: Influencing policy and strategy making decisions in either a technical or business    environment

                 E4: A structured approach to CPD

                 E5: The training of the engineering profession to young engineers and potential engineers


                 D1: Highly specialist knowledge in a specific area of engineering

                 D2: Technical or engineering resource management and/or personnel management and development

                 D3: Responsibility for a budget and the associated risk

                 D4: Application of a significant range of fundamental principles and complex techniques across a wide and often unpredictable variety of contexts

                 D5: Active development and application of new technologies in engineering and related areas at senior level

    5.      All applications will be assessed by an “Assessment Panel” nominated by the PSMC and only those who are recommended by the Panel will be considered as eligible candidates to apply through this route and will be called for an interview. Candidates are required to make a Power Point presentation not exceeding twenty (20) minutes at the interview

    6.     Method of Application:

    a.       An application must be made on Form “MEM-FO-01” with the appropriate fees. Four Corporate Members should propose and sign the Application form. The applications may be either sent by registered post or delivered by hand.

    b.      Documents to be submitted along with the application

        i.     Original and one copy of Birth Certificate (Original will be returned)
       ii.     Original and one copy of Degree Certificate (Original will be returned)
       iii.    Originals and copies of appointment letters (Original will be returned)
       iv.    Three copies of the record of Continuing Professional development
        v.     Four copies of the report on Recognised Training and Responsible experience (Vide Rule 6 of Professional Review Rules)

    In addition to stipulations in the existing Section 6 of professional Review Rules, the Report must highlight the increasing degrees of responsibility at technical, managerial and financial levels and how the candidate has met with the requirements of five stipulated core competences.
           a.  Either a design supported by analysis, computations, BOQ, drawings etc or
           b.  A design oriented Project Report based on the candidate’s own direct involvement as part of his / her normal duties within the preceding ten years.  or
           c.   Results of a project study in the form of  a dissertation of not less than 6000 words

    7.      Written Papers:
         a.       “A” Paper
                   The necessity of sitting for “A” Paper will be decided by the interview panel and will be informed after the interview.
         b.      “B” Paper
                   Considering the high managerial positions held, the candidate is exempted from the “B” Paper.

    Click here to download the same in PDF format

  • 12 Aug 2015 9:31 AM | IESL (Administrator)

    International Professional Engineers


    Corporate Members with the required experience can register as Professional Engineers .The IESL being a full member of the International Professional Engineers Agreement, these Professional Engineers would be identified and recognized globally as International Professional Engineers and they will be able to use the post nominal abbreviation IntPE(Sri Lanka) . The rules pertaining to the registering of Professional Engineers which were recently revised to make the rules clearer to members could be viewed here. 

  • 10 Aug 2015 9:35 AM | IESL (Administrator)

    I hope by now you would have received your voting documents in respect of the elections to the Council for the session 2015/2016. These voting documents will contain the voting papers and the election statements and bio data of the candidates.


    As your President, I would appeal to you to cast your valuable votes early using your professional judgement to candidates of your choice based on the election statements and bio data they  have provided and without  getting  influenced by any one who resorts to unethical practices. 

    I would  take this opportunity to request both the candidates and the voters to  be extremely mindful of our professional ethics and conduct, especially during this crucial period leading up to the election which is on August 26, 2015.


    Eng. (Dr) S B Wijekoon


  • 04 Aug 2015 11:14 AM | IESL (Administrator)

    On perusing the many e mails that have been circulated over the past few days with regard to canvassing for candidates at IESL elections,  I wish to remind all our learned and professional Corporate Members of IESL that such e mails have been circulated for the first time in the 109 year old history of IESL. This is not the correct and accepted spirit and procedure to elect learned professional representatives as office bearers to the oldest professional body in Sri Lanka, the IESL. 

    It is understood that most of those who are contesting the elections especially for the top senior posts are very well known and recognized personalities among the Corporate Members due to the yeoman service they have rendered to the IESL and hence they will not require any   further introductions and canvassing. The Corporate Members on making their decision to vote shall refer the Bio data and election statement of the candidates and then make comparative decisions on the professional competency, ethics and professional conduct of the candidates to be elected to this August Forum. In keeping with our hallowed and dedicated professional standards, canvassing for individual candidates in any form should not be resorted to, because then there is the ultimate possibility of overlooking the criteria mentioned above, to get the best possible Council elected"

    Hence, I expect all candidates and members to act professionally in the larger interest of the IESL when casting their valuable vote at the elections


    Eng. Priyal de Silva

    Chief Returning Officer

  • 28 Jul 2015 4:27 PM | IESL (Administrator)

    Voting papers in respect of the elections to the Council for the Session 2015/2016  along with bio data and election statements of candidates and two envelopes marked ‘A’ and ‘B’ were  sent under registered post on July 24, 2015 to all Corporate Members who were on the roll of the Institution on June 26, 2015 , the date the nominations for the elections were closed.

    If a Voting Paper is received by the Chief Returning Officer without Envelopes “A” and “B” will be considered as invalid and will be rejected by the Chief Returning Officer. A Voting paper that is disfigured or enclosed in a disfigured Envelope A will also be considered as invalid and will be rejected by the Chief Returning Officer.

    Any member who does not receive his Voting Paper by August 3, 2015 is kindly requested to contact the Executive Secretary.

    On behalf of all Returning Officers, I take this opportunity to thank  all of you  for the enthusiasm you displayed  in making nominations. 
    I believe that the same enthusiasm will prevail when it comes to casting your vote and that in this respect you will act professionally in accordance with the election rules in force..

    Eng. Priyal de Silva

    Chief Returning Officer-Elections to the Council for the Session 2015/2016

  • 06 Jul 2015 11:54 AM | IESL (Administrator)


    No. of Vacancies



    Past President


    Eng. W T R De Silva




    Eng. J Meegoda

    Post to be contested

    Eng. R G Rubasinghe

    Vice Presidents


    Eng. (Prof.) (Ms) N Ratnayake

    Posts to be contested

    Eng.(Prof.) T M Pallewatta

    Eng. J A G R Jayalath

    Eng.(Dr.) L B K Laksiri

    Eng. M B P Fernandez

    The nominee is not eligible to contest as per By Law 48 and therefore his nomination is rejected

    Honorary Secretary


    Eng.(Prof.) R K Leelananda


    Honorary Treasurer


    Eng. A P R De Silva


    Chairman – Building Services Eng. Sect. Committee


    Eng. N A P S K Narangoda


    Chairman – Civil Eng. Sect. Committee


    Eng. M N A Samad


    Chairman – Electrical Eng. Sect. Committee


    Eng. W W M S B K G Kamburadeniya


    Chairman – IT & Comm.

    Eng. Sect. Committee


    Eng.(Lt.Col) Dr. C D Gamage


    Chairman – Mechanical Eng. Sect. Committee


    Eng. Arjuna   Manamperi

    The nominee is not eligible to seek elections as per By Law 52 and therefore his nomination is rejected.

    Representatives – Fellows


    Eng. (Ms) S H Gunawardana

    Posts to be contested

    Eng. I R P Gunatilaka

    Eng. P W Sarath

    Eng. P Thangamayil

    Eng. W Indika

    Representatives –



    Eng. P C Jinasena (Above 40 years)

    Posts to be contested

    Eng. M R Ranatunga (Above 40 years)

    Eng. U L D N D Perera (Above 40 years)

    Eng. P D B Ratnayake (Above 40 years)

    Eng. K D A Munasinghe (Above 40 years)

    Eng. N P Jayatilaka (Above 40 years)

    Eng. J A D R Sujith Kumara (Above 40 years)

    Eng. (Dr)  U L Tissa  (Above 40 years)

    Eng. K S Mangala Silva (Below 40 years)

    Eng. K M B Karunaratna (Above 40 years)

    Eng. M G Hemachandra (Above 40 years)

    Eng. S N B M Padmasiri (Above 40 years)

    Eng. H M G M Herath (Below 40 years)

    Eng. A P K Mutunayake (Below 40 years)

    Eng. T N Kankanamge (Below 40 years)

    Eng. L S Sooriyabandara

    Above 40 years . The nominee is not eligible to contest as per By Law 52 and therefore his nomination is rejected.

    Eng. Priyal De Silva   -  CHIEF RETURNING OFFICER 



    Eng. Madhawa Perera   -    ASSISTANT RETURNING OFFICER

  • 22 Jun 2015 4:47 PM | IESL (Administrator)

    The Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka (IESL) entered in to a five year agreement with the Institution of Engineers, Australia (Engineers Australia) recently to facilitate the mobility of Professional Engineers from one  country to the other.  The agreement was signed when the President of  IESL , Eng. (Dr) S B Wijekoon met with the National President of Engineers  Australia, Dr.David Cruickshanks-Boyd on June 17, 2015 in Canberra, Australia .

    Both the IESL and Engineers Australia are authorised to register International Professional Engineers in their respective countries being members of the International Professional Engineers Agreement.

    Pursuant to  this Agreement , applicants whose names appear  in the  International Professional Engineers Register of IESL  or  the Chartered Professional Engineers of  Engineers Australia whose names appear in the International Professional Engineers Register of Australia will qualify for registration / licensing  by the other Institution if they agree to abide by the laws, rules ,regulations and ethical standards and  meet the continuing competency assurance requirements as set out by the latter Institution. They will have to declare any previous application for registration/licensing and complete an application form and pay any fees required.

    This agreement will not apply to engineers who have obtained their registration/licensing in their home countries through the respective Institutions by means of a mutual recognition agreement involving a professional association of a third Institution.

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