University Liaison Committee


A.      Stakeholders 

Engineering undergraduates of the universities, Engineering graduates, Academics of Engineering Faculties, Employers of Engineering graduates and general public

B.      Composition of the Committee

IESL: President, Chairmen of Sectional Committees, Director – Accreditation and officers     nominated by the IESL.

Universities: Deans, Heads of Departments, Directors/ Lecturers-in-charge of Industrial Training, IESL Liaison Officers  and staff Advisors of Student chapters of Engineering Faculties of Sri Lankan universities/ institutes whose degree programmes have been accredited by the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka (IESL)

Other: Director – Training, National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority (NAITA) or a nominee.

C.      Meetings of the Committee

ULC should meet at least once in 3 months during any  session and these meetings can be  held at the Engineering Faculty of one of the  universities except the first meeting of a  Session which has to be held at the  IESL Headquarters. These meetings are to be chaired by the President, IESL or a Council Member of the IESL nominated  by the President.

D.      Overarching Objective

The committee should consider the following aspects concerning the stakeholders and take / propose appropriate action.

·         Decisions of policy makers on engineering education in the country

·         Accreditation of degree programmes

·         Collaboration between industry and universities in terms of current developments in the industry and the curriculum in the                      universities

·         Industry support to universities in terms of training, visiting lecturers, R & D etc.

·         Participation of undergraduates in activities and competitions organized by the IESL

·         Participation of university academics and students in the activities organized by the IESL such as Annual Sessions, CPD courses,                Seminars, Workshops and Lectures,Membership drives targeting  students and academics

·         Participation of students and academics of the universities in Competitions organized by the IESL

·         Participation of universities in Techno Exhibition Articles for the publications of the IESL and Involvement of academics in                         refereeing of such articles

·         CSR activities 

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